3 Must Visit Places in Louisiana

When it comes to Louisiana, for the staff of the Cajun Mansion, it’s personal.

We live and breathe the wonderful Cajun culture and try our mightiest to pass good will along to all our visitors. Being centrally located in the heart of Acadiana, helps us to be effective Ambassadors of everything Louisiana. Though our passion grows from our bayou roots, we know we also represent the whole state as tour guides to fun, food, and 5 star relaxation!

Why Visit Louisiana?

Louisiana is one of those rare travel destinations that offers a perfect mix of everything: Welcome to Louisiana sign at tourist visitor center

  • multiple and diverse cultures
  • classic architecture
  • vibrant history
  • pleasant weather
  • amazing music
  • exciting night life
  • abundant natural beauty
  • the comfort and warmth of home

This is why it has been an all-time attraction for friends, families, and couples alike.

Also known as ‘Sugar State’, ‘Child of Mississippi’ and ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’ (it has many more alternative names), Louisiana has something for everyone who visits. In fact, the allure of our culture and generous, friendly people often attract tourists to relocate to Louisiana permanently.

Must Visit Places in Louisiana

Whether you are planning a honeymoon, romantic getaway, family vacation, an exciting glamping weekend, or a girlie-girl bonding trip with your BFFs, Louisiana makes a great destination. To help you plan the trip, we have highlighted some amazing places that should not be missed so, take a look and make sure to include them in your Louisiana to-do list.

At first, I was tempted to highlight only attractions that are local to the Louisiana Cajun Mansion, but the selection of incredible sights, sounds, and food in Acadiana would make a huge article, so I decided to instead spread the featured locations across the state — from the head of the boot to the toe — figuratively speaking.

1. Avery Island

The birthplace of world renowned Tabasco® Sauce, Avery Island also has much more to see than the Tabasco plant. The huge Jungle garden that not only has amazing flora and fauna, but also serves as natural bird sanctuary is well worth visiting. Since Avery Island has a small local population, it is ideal for people who want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, close to the nature.

2. French Quarter

For those who love history, architecture and culture, there is a lot to see in the New Orleans French Quarter. An old neighborhood of New Orleans, French Quarter is considered as a melting pot of different cultures. The American, African, Caribbean and European influences are evident everywhere in this area; from architecture and music to food and dancing. You can find buildings as old as 300 years in French Quarter. A ride in horse drawn carriage through the charming streets of this town is a perfect romantic ride for the honeymooners.

French Quarter is also known as the tourists’ district, which means there are tons of amazing places. You will find different kinds of wonderful restaurants, cafes, shopping districts, and entertainment places. French Quarter is also associated with Jazz music so do attend a musical event while you are here.

3. Kisatchie National Forest

If you want to have some adventure during your Louisiana trip, do include Kisatchie National Forest in the list of must visit places. Louisiana’s only national forest will give you the right amount of punch, adrenaline rush, excitement and adventure. Not only you can enjoy the scenic beauty at Castor Creek area, and long walks on the Azalea Trail, but also you will get to see numerous animals in their natural habitat. The animals that live in this forest also include some rare ones, such as the pine snake, red-cockaded woodpecker, and black bear. Also, you will get the chance to enjoy many recreational activities, such as boating, horse riding, mountain biking, fishing and camping to name a few.

Bonus Tip

The choice of accommodation can make or ruin your entire trip so, make sure you choose the right place. If comfort, relaxed environment and customized services are your priorities, then we recommend that you go for a Bed and Breakfast rather than a hotel for your Louisiana trip. Louisiana offers numerous B&B choices, but if you want to experience Louisiana hospitality at its best, look no further than the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast

So no matter your reason to visit Louisiana, we invite you to come on down and enjoy a southern good time, or as we say, a Cajun bon temps!