6 Questions You Need To Ask Your Bed And Breakfast

So you’re planning a trip through Louisiana and it’s time to book an affordable and comfortable bed and breakfast. Away from the hectic routine, you deserve a relaxing stay that offers you a luxurious environment and first-class amenities and services, to make your vacation or trip, a memorable experience.

Before you book a bed and breakfast, there are a few questions that come to mind and usually, we ignore them. However, to get value for money and to have a wonderful accommodation experience, you must ask your hostess these six basic questions that would help you in choosing the perfect accommodation for your trip.

Let’s get the conversation started…

Q#1 – What type of rooms are available?

Ask the hostess about the different kinds of rooms being offered. Do you need a luxurious suite or are you looking forward to a cozy, comfortable retreat to relax? Along with room type, ask them about the provided amenities in the rooms and the room service.

Do they offer sumptuous linens and plush beds, a private bath with a bath tub, and concierge services in the room? For example, at Louisiana Cajun Mansion – bed and breakfast, we offer all these amenities to give you the most relaxing and comfortable experience with us.

Q#2 – What special services do you offer?

This is a biggie. Don’t ask it up front. Let your hostess become comfortable with describing their standard offerings. Many B&Bs don’t even offer special added or optional services, so dropping this question into the mix will help you know just how much thought/planning your hosts have put into giving guests a variety of activities and events to choose from, and then…

Ask your hostess if they offer any special optional services to the guests.

For instance, providing a quaint area for relaxing is always appreciated. Some great B&B’s offer optional services such as foot massage, sun bathing area, relaxing on the patio, large halls to have comfortable chats with your peers, and massage therapies in the privacy of your room.

The great room at Louisiana Cajun Mansion

Q#3 – What complementary services are being offered?

Every bed and breakfast offers their guest at least some complimentary (free) services.

The best complementary services include specialties like home-made breakfast or complimentary juices, tea, coffee, snacks, and soft drinks offered in the breakfast bar or perhaps adult drinks on your arrival to make you feel special.

Q#4 – What security measures are taken for guests?

One of the most important questions to ask is about the security measures for the provided rooms, packed vehicles, and access to the property. Unlike Cajun Mansion, not every B&B service pays attention to security measures for their guests and their belongings.

Good security measures include a gated property, separate and private pin numbers provided to guests, to access and leave the property as well as their suites, as they please.

Q#5 – What attractions are near to the B&B location?

The location of your bed and breakfast matters the most. Get the accommodation that is near to other attractions to help you avoid hours of driving just to see the sights.

Travelling through Louisiana? The ideal stay-over location should be in the middle of Cajun country so that you can visit all the great attractions such as local festivals, Cajun food, music & dancing and swamp and alligator boat tours, whenever you want.

Q#6 – What are the special offerings on the weekend?

Some B&B services offer weekend getaways for their guests to help you relax more on weekends. Ask them about weekend special packages and offerings. Cajun mansion offers relaxing and fun getaways for your kids while you can enjoy world class massage, wine tasting trips, romantic dinners especially for girl’s getaway and a lot more.

Don’t compromise on your trip by choosing the wrong accommodation. To receive excellent offerings as an answer to these listed questions, Louisiana Cajun Mansion is your ultimate accommodation solution.

The mansion is not only a 5 star rated bed and breakfast, but also a very affordable alternative to hotel, located in the heart of Cajun country and it’s a great value for money!

We hope you’ll decide to make your reservations at the Cajun Mansion. We can’t wait to welcome you, and pamper you, when you visit the greatest little bed and breakfast in the gulf coast; the Louisiana Cajun Mansion!