A Real Cajun Breakfast

A Real Cajun Breakfast

A Real Cajun Breakfast

If there is one thing you will say about waking up at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion is you will start your day off right with a hearty Cajun Breakfast!   A Real Cajun breakfast is served every morning to our guests.  This is definitely one of the unique perks here at the mansion.

First of all, we’re not talking just Corn Flakes.  Wake up to something not only delicious, but uniquely a Louisiana delicacy.  A real Cajun Breakfast is warm, enticing, with just the right amount of spices, your taste buds will be thanking you all day long.  And we love to use local ingredients and whatever fresh fruit is in season.  (Being in a warm climate, we are fortunate to have more fruit for a longer period of the year to chose from them most other inns do.)

About A Real Cajun Breakfast

Also we guarantee that our six course complimentary home-made meal will not only fill you up, but give you energy for your entire day.  Everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day   We certainly agree.  Cajun Country is known for it’s special blend of Chicory coffee, which we serve all day long.  Therefore, you will never go back to your regular coffee after tasting ours!

No two mornings are the same here at our Bed and Breakfast.  Staying a few days will allow you the chance to sample several different options.  Our Cajun kinfolk love to explore in the kitchen.  Fortunately for us, this means a wide variety of dishes have been created over the years.  So, many are handed down from one generation to another.  Our chef loves to surprise each guest with not only a unique creation.   And, many ask for the recipe for to take home with them.

Special Announcement!

And coming soon, the very first edition of The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast Recipe Book.  It will be available to our guests.

So we only have one question to ask you.  Are you hungry yet?