All About Cajun and Creole Cuisine

Some of the most delicious food in the world is found right here in Louisiana. Here’s why:

“You gotta eat!”, is a popular saying in these parts. Mealtime is a huge part of Louisiana culture and I still remember growing up with every visit to every home including a meal. I still fondly look back on coming home to momma’s house and the first thing she said was, “Sit down, let me warm you something up.”

Even if you dared to refused a meal, you were going to get cake, coffee, a soft drink, or Kool Aide. You were going to be fed because, “You gotta eat!”

We grew up Cajun for sure, and all our friends lived the same way. Food is just a thing with us. We’ve got a real deep history with food.

Cajun Food All about Cajun and Creole food

Cajun food has evolved from all the various techniques used to prepare wild game by exiled Acadian people who came to the area from Canada in the 1700’s. Many of these folks settled in the south-central part of the state (now known affectionately as Cajun Country) where they raised cattle and grew rice and other staples. They often lived in very lean times and had to supplement their diet with wild game and fish and other foraged fare and seafood – like Crawfish.

Their contribution to our modern local diet is invaluable. Some of the most creative preparations and seasoning blends, as well as secret and not-so-secret ingredients were spawned in the kitchens of our prairie homelands.

Creole Food

Among the second more diverse wave of immigrants to Louisiana, were peoples from Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean islands, and northern Africa. These settlers — some voluntary, some not — brought their amazing customs and languages and contributed even more variations to our local diet based on the staples of their homelands.

The influences of Creole culture and cooking is still strongly felt here, and though the lines of history are blurry, we still benefit from the delicious treats that are local to Louisiana but still world famous. Most folks have heard of red beans & rice no doubt.

Louisiana Culture & Food: A Love Story

We sure do love our food here in Acadiana.

Cooking and eating is a social pastime for us. We love to share our recipes and to prepare food for each other at gatherings and events small and large; formal and informal. Our precious culture brings together friends and families and strangers alike to join in the good times that can be had at our wonderful local feasts and festivals.

Visitors to the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast enjoy being in the center of all this great culture, entertainment, and food. Our festivals draw immense crowds who stroll area fairgrounds to sample the best of the best of our traditional Cajun and Creole food.

TOURIST TIP: If you visit our area, be sure to spend at least a day at a local festival. Almost every festival hosts cooking contests and these allow you to sample and enjoy the most skilled preparation by Cajun and Creole chefs at the top of their craft!

The Bayous and Backyards of Acadiana

Some of the most enjoyable events around include our popular crawfish boils. Folks get together for these and boil up huge sacks full of locally farmed crustaceans called crawfish (crayfish). We’re world renown for the production and preparation of Crawfish and have turned the little critters not only into a huge economic driver for the state, but also into a world class good time.

Don’t forget the beer!

Creole and Cajun Cuisine - Louisiana

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Louisiana: A Figurative & Literal Melting Pot

Growing up in Louisiana and living most on my adult life here, I have always wondered why people find our way of life so unusual. Visitors from around the world, often remark on our fun loving and casual attitude; our love of life, and our obvious feeling of brotherhood.

That’s because since the days Louisiana was owned and controlled by Spain and France, we’ve been a cultural melting pot. We’ve successfully blended the cultures of Spain, France, Africa, Germany, Italy, and various tribes of indigenous peoples into a wonderful place to visit and to live.

Recently severe weather ravaged the folks in our nearby state of Texas with flooding. The immediate outpouring of love and support by the fine folks of Louisiana — including charity organizations and particularly the world famous Cajun Navy came to the fore again to help our neighbors. We even saw a new effort spring up — the Cajun Gravy — who’s members turned out to prepare and provide free meals to victims and rescue workers.

Oh yes, the giving spirit of Louisiana is alive and well. It’s in our culture. It’s in our blood. It’s in our hearts. I’m so proud and grateful to be from this great state, and as always to welcome you to our area and to our amazing bed and breakfast.