Bart and Tinna First Guests from Holland

IMG_0142[1]The Louisiana Cajun Mansion had their first guests from Holland this weekend.  It was such a pleasure hosting Bart and Tinna.  They enjoyed relaxing under the patio and watched sports on the large flat screen tv.  Although there was a lot of rain this weekend, they still managed to make a swamp tour!

In addition to being interested in our Cajun culture, Bart and Tinna were specifically interested in our sports here in Cajun country.

Ideally, they wanted to see a high school or college baseball game.  Because UL was not playing locally, we focused on finding local high school games and provided them with options.

Through the influence of western culture, Netherlands became known for their love of sports. There are various types of competitive sports that one can see in this country but there are two popular sports that the people love to both play and watch.

These sports are football and Field Hockey. Football became popular mainly due to the field hockey influence of western culture, since their sports organization began in the early 19th and 20th century, football’s popularity also grew alongside it. The largest football federation in Netherlands is the Royal Dutch Football Association and they became a member of the FIFA in 1904. Their national football team has competed in the Olympic Games many times and has brought home some medals and pride numerous times.

Field hockey is the second most popular sport in the Netherlands. Their national women team became one of the most successful team in World Cup history and their male counterparts won the World Cup three times and they brought home quite a number of gold medals. Volleyball and basketball are also popular in Netherlands and because of those sports; the country has been quite successful in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games as well as other international competitions.