The Bed and Breakfast In Louisiana

We receive so many thank you cards and emails, as well as countless 5-star reviews expressing the joy people get from staying at our little Bed and Breakfast in Louisiana. We thought we’d take a moment to express our thanks to the wonderful heartfelt feedback that helps us to preserve our reputation as the best B&B in the south! It’s easy to succeed when you love what you do, and we sure love our guests.

Traveling and taking in the sights and attractions of any area is exciting and it should be fun. The staff of the Louisiana Cajun Mansion, are all fun loving people who really want to make your stay a fun and stress-free experience.

If you’re considering traveling through the gulf coast and want to stay at our Louisiana bed and breakfast, please take a look at our virtual tour video hosted by the mansion’s owner and founder, Sandra Booher. Enjoy!

Our Bed and Breakfast is definitely something that you have to experience firsthand for yourself.   Most people are happy to be able to find a hostel or a motel with a comfortable bed and a decent breakfast the following morning.   But with us, you get so much more — and all for about the same cost as a chain hotel.

A Bed and Breakfast in Louisiana with Style

Are you imagining that when you check into a bed and breakfast, you will share a bathroom with total strangers?  Also, some guests believe that they will be “roughing it”   Seems like others believe there will be a definite lack of luxury.  Rest assured.  You will be pleasantly surprised with us.  We pride ourselves on providing quality, first-rate service.  And you will not get bored.  In addition, chose from a wide range of activities here.  Experience the Romantic Cajun Dinner in our Wine Room .  And, venture out for a unique Cajun Day Trip to Vermillionville .  And, listen to some authentic Cajun Music at one of our best renowned venues.

Bed and Breakfast in Louisiana Packages

So take some time to go through the unique upgrade packages we offer.  You can enjoy sharing a couples massage with your sweetheart.  If this is your first trip to Louisiana, sit down and try our Cajun Dinner Sampler.  Consequently, if love is on your agenda, the Romance Room package is designed especially for you.

Bed and Breakfast Scenery

Allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of the property during your stay with us.  Stroll the gardens.  Stop and see the foliage in bloom.   Maybe breath in clean, fresh air.  We want your experience to be a refreshing escape.  Leave behind your daily life.  Never been to Louisiana?  You need to discover us.  If you are blessed enough to have stayed with us before, hence come back for a second helping of genuine Cajun hospitality.  In conclusion, we are definitely the best kept secret right here in Youngsville!