Bed and Breakfast Wedding Packages in Louisiana

Bed and Breakfast Wedding Packages

Bed and Breakfast Wedding Packages

Bed and Breakfast Wedding Packages are a specialty here at Louisiana Cajun Mansion.  We are prepared to take the stress and worry away.  If your dream is to go to one central location, then we are the reality for you.

Bed and Breakfast Wedding Packages

No two brides are the same.  Consequently, no two weddings are as well.  And, that is why we have designed several wedding packages to fit your idea of what your special day should entail.  Whether your wedding party consists of five people or a grand total of seventy, what you wish to see is what we provide.

First of all, no matter the size, all of our packages include the officiant.  Whether your outside ceremony is on the patio or located inside by the fireplace, your vows will be said next to a romantic backdrop.

Next is your delicious wedding cake.   Designed in your wedding colors or a theme you can chose from, it is connected to you and your plans for the big day.

Let’s not forget the flowers.  We not only take care of your boutonnieres, the bride’s bouquet.  Maybe you envision carrying roses, or a bouquet of sunflowers.  We take the time to decide not only what colors go best, but which represents your favorites.

Most of all, we can provide the extras that truly make your day magical.  Our connections to the best photographers, videographers, and bands or disc jockeys in the state will give you options.  And, let’s not forget food. Maybe you wish to have casual hors d’oeuvres served to your guests, or a seven course meal.  We see to that as well.  In addition, your selection is endless.  Serve your guests the best vino or crystal champagne.

Finally, we take the stress out of a day you will always remember.   Here at Louisiana Cajun Mansion, we customize the wedding day to fit you.  As a result, that makes it unique.