Best Mascato Wine For A Great Price

For Those Who Enjoys a Sweeter Wine

mirrasouFor over 150 years the Mirassou family has crafted uniquely expressive wines made with equal parts optimism and California sunshine.
Sharing the gift and joy of winemaking has been the Mirassou family’s great privilege for six generations, and it continues today. Learn more about the Mirassou Winery’s distinctively delicious wines and the Mirassou family’s rich history using the navigation bar above or the links to the right. We hope you’ll enjoy your time with us.

About the Wine:

Our 2011 Mirassou California Moscato captures the essence of summer in a bottle. From the moment the bottle is opened, intense fruit aromas of orange blossoms, peaches, ripe pineapples and citrus overwhelm the nose. These bright and fruit-forward aromas extend to the palate through luscious flavors of sweet tropical fruit, mandarin oranges and honey.

Viticulture Notes:

This wine was crafted predominantly from Muscat Canelli for its aromatics and approachable flavors. With a steady growing season and an early harvest, the 2013 vintage in California produced high quality grapes. Healthy winter rains gave way to an incredibly dry and mild spring and summer; in fact, it was the driest year on record since the State of California began recording weather 164 years ago. Across the state, harvest yielded grapes with a great balance of acidity and sugar.

Winemaker Notes:

At the winery, the skins were separated from juice immediately to avoid any possible bitterness in the wine. Solids are removed prior to fermentation by floatation, centrifuging and or racking. Fermentation occurs in upright stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures of 55 to 60˚F to maintain the maximum amount of fruit flavors. Epernay II yeast is used in fermentation to release and amplify the aromatics and flavors of the Moscato juice. Fermentation is cut short to retain sweetness in the wine. Extremely gentle handling and low storage temperatures keep the dissolved CO2 achieved in fermentation, which creates a complex mouthfeel.