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We welcome you and can't wait to meet you on your next visit to the Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast near Lafayette, Louisiana.  There's always a lot going on at the mansion; whether its preparing for local festivals, romantic dinners or just socializing on the patio, it's just part of the southern hospitality that just goes on here.

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Tips for Making a Cajun Rice and Gravy

By Sandra Booher | Oct 17, 2017

Cajun Rice and Gravy Browning Process First of all… Don’t Rush It. If you can just learn this upfront, you’ll never say “My rice and gravy isn’t as good as Moma’s or Grandmas”. Stir the meat frequently, and scrape the brown stuff (Grah-doo) off the bottom of the pot so it will not burn. Be…

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Cajun Rice and Gravy Recipe

By Sandra Booher | Oct 17, 2017

About Rice and Gravy Cooking a delicious Cajun Rice and Gravy becomes a skill learned from generations.  There are different Cajun Rice and Gravy recipes out there on the web that are obviously written by Non Cajuns; and if you are a Cajun, you can spot those recipes right away! There is only one  kind…

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Authentic Cajun Scrambled Eggs Recipe

By Sandra Booher | Oct 14, 2017

While growing up, if we were not eating fried egg sandwiches, we were enjoying Cajun Scrambled Eggs for breakfast. Cajuns make an exquisite cuisine that combines the flavors ready for a breakfast feast that will have you forgetting you ever knew about English muffins, Canadian Bacon, Hollandaise sauce or even poaching eggs. Once you go…

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Cajun Pancake Recipe

By Sandra Booher | Oct 14, 2017

Cajun Pancakes are always made from scratch and never from a box!  Getting a good head start on your day means eating a large hearty breakfast that normally includes pancakes. Pancakes is America’s favorite breakfast food and it’s no different here in Cajun Land. There are many varieties of pancakes, however they are usually high…

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Meet Your Glamping Hostess

Advantages of a Glamping Hostess

By Sandra Booher | Oct 12, 2017

Thinking about a glamorous camping experience? Get your GLAMPING GOOD TIME on at the Mansion! Glamping is the best way to have a super fun getaway with family or friends, and the staff at Louisiana Cajun Mansion are experts in hospitality. Let us take all the stress and planning out of the glamping equation for…

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Cajun Grits and Grillades Recipe

By Sandra Booher | Sep 30, 2017

Cajun Grits and Grillades (pronounced “GREE-ahds”)  is a southern dish traditionally served for breakfast or brunch.   It is served many different places such as at home, at weddings and parties, bridal teas, and even at classy debutante balls. Grillades are basically pork or beef long-simmered medallions cooked into a succulent Cajun brown gravy; the…

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All about Cajun and Creole food

All About Cajun and Creole Cuisine

By Gailanne | Sep 21, 2017

Some of the most delicious food in the world is found right here in Louisiana. Here’s why: “You gotta eat!”, is a popular saying in these parts. Mealtime is a huge part of Louisiana culture and I still remember growing up with every visit to every home including a meal. I still fondly look back…

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Girls celebrating their over-the-top tea party bridal shower

Planning Your Over-The-Top Tea Party or Bridal Shower

By Gailanne | Sep 14, 2017

Planning a classic themed bridal shower? Why not consider an over-the-top glamorous bridal tea or even a bridal shower? Amidst all the wedding preparations, mayhem and festivities, a bridal shower can be the perfect way for the bride and her family members to let go for a while and take a moment to appreciate the…

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Mrs Kelly's Blackberry Cobbler image

Mrs Kelly’s Blackberry Cobbler Recipe

By Sandra Booher | Sep 8, 2017

This cobbler recipe is as southern as they come and will have you smacking your lips within seconds!   Imagine walking into Grandma’s house and smelling sweet dough in the oven, knowing it will be coming out the oven any minute and you’ll have the opportunity to taste it soon.  Just smelling it makes a…

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