Cajun Day Trip #1

Experience the Beauty of Avery Island, the History & Peacefulness of Jefferson Island & the best afternoon SNACK you'll ever enjoy, right there in Delcambre.

Planning a Cajun Day Trip  in Cajun Country often can be exhausting and stressful when you're not from the area.  You want to make the most of your trip, but trying to figure out what is the best bang for your buck can be difficult.  Right?  Well...ditch the stress and set yourself up to have fun beginning now!

It doesn't matter if you're planning on staying in Cajun Country 1 day or 5 days, we're here to help you figure it out.  We've created simple and flexible day trips that makes the most of your stay here in Cajun Country.  SMILE!

We've decided to take the stress out of your vacation planning by organizing day trips for you and this is the first of several.  It makes perfect sense for a Cajun to help you plan your trip.  Right?  Inn Keeper, Sandra Booher, grew up around here and she is a Cajun also. Therefore organizing these day trips are a breeze!


You'll leave the Mansion after your breakfast and drive directly to Avery Island  just a few minutes away to visit the Tabasco Plant & then Jungle Gardens.

From there you'll drive to Jefferson Island where you'll visit the Jefferson House.  It will be time for lunch and Cafe Jefferson is the perfect place to have a nice lunch while overlooking Lake Peigneur.   Once you've rested and eaten, I recommend you visit the Theater behind the restaurant to see the actual footage of the Diamond Crystal Salt Companies disaster in 1980 then off to the Rip Van Winkle Gardens.

At the end of the day, instead of driving back to the mansion directly, we recommend passing through Delcambre, La to taste the best fried Shrimp you'll ever eat. It's actually near Jefferson Island and on your way back!  It's in the Texaco Station; there's a little restaurant called "Hot Food Corner".

Listen to Inn Keeper, Sandra Booher Explain the Cajun Day Trip #1

Cajun Day Trip #1 Details

Avery Island and Jefferson Island, then on your way back to the Mansion, you'll grab a snack...  It's the best fried shrimp you'll ever put in your mouth!

Boy is this Day Trip full of fun and the best thing is that it's minutes away from your home base, The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

We've arranged this day trip in specific order so that your trip runs smooth with no bumps!  We even have suggestions for meals and snacks along the way during the day.

After eating your 7 course Cajun Breakfast at the Mansion, you'll be ready to tackle your day and I promise you won't leave hungry!  All you have to do is show up!

  1. Avery Island 
    1. Tabasco Tour  - Opens 9am every day.
      1. Tabasco Museum
      2. Greenhouse Peppers
      3. Barrel Warehouse
      4. Blending Area
      5. Avery Island Experience
      6. Salt Mine Experience
      7. Bottling Line in the Factory (Mon-thurs only)
      8. Tabasco Country Store
    2. Jungle Gardens -  170 acre garden
      1. Bird Tours 7am-5pm appointment only
  2. Jefferson Island - 5505 RIP VAN WINKLE ROAD NEW IBERIA, LA. 70560 (See the video below for detailed info)
    1. Cafe Jefferson - Have lunch on the glassed-in porch. It;'s nestled in a grove of a dozen ancient live oaks, offers a breath-taking view of the gardens and Lake Peigneur.
      1. The Cafe' is open 7 days a week
      2. from 11am to 2:30pm week days and 11am to 3pm on weekends year round.  Closed on major holidays.
      3. It's a great place to have a late lunch overlooking the Lake.
    2. Rip Van Winkle Gardens -  Stunning gardens with wildlife and semi tropical plants.
    3. Joseph Jefferson Mansion - The Joseph Jefferson Mansion, built in 1870. Joe Jefferson (February 20, 1829 – April 23, 1905), was an American actor and used the house as his winter house.  He enjoyed fishing and hunting and the climate was perfect during the winter when he was not acting.   He was famous for playing the part of Rip Van Winkle; he played this part 4,500 times.
      1. 10 a.m to 4 p.m seven days a week.
      2. Admission is $12.00 per adult, $10.00 per senior, and $6.00 per child 6-17 years of age.
    4. Theater - Movie of the catastrophe of Lake Peigneur located behind Cafe Jefferson.Gift Shop
  3. Texaco Station - "Hot Food Corner" Restaurant in the Gas Station in Delcambre,La - On your way back to the mansion, get an afternoon SNACK and share a half plate of fried shrimp.
    1. 814 LA-14, Delcambre, LA 70528
    2. Right around the corner from Jefferson Island, you'll have the opportunity to eat the BEST Fried Shrimp in Acadiana.  It's where the locals go!
    3. Delcambre is the Shrimp Capital of Louisiana.

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