Cajun Grilling Dinner on the Patio

2016-03-27 19.03.16The Cajun Grilling Dinner on the Patio is one of our most popular dining experiences here at the Mansion.  The Dinner is a 7 course meal served one course at a time and it lasts about 2 hours.  Lots of good conversations and good relationships are built around the large granite island on the Patio.  The Cajun culture is mostly about the camaraderie of good conversations, good people, music and the succulent Cajun food.

It’s not uncommon to have more than one couple having dinner on the patio, especially if one couple sees the other couple having fun and enjoying the beauty of the back yard and the patio.  Cajun music is always playing and the large table tiki torch on the over sized granite island is always lit to keep the mosquitoes away.

When I created the Cajun Grilling Dinner I wanted the ultimate patio dining experience, the way Cajuns do it.  I not only wanted the perfect Cajun Meal, I wanted my guests to enjoy the Cajun culture too.  Most of all, I wanted them to experience what backyard get-togethers were all about here in Cajun country.  Friendship, Music and Food and how it all blends together nicely.

The Cajun Grilling Dinner Menu

  1.  Crawfish Bowl – Want to try boiled crawfish, but don’t want the hassle of pealing them?  No worries!  You get everything you would normally get when you order boiled crawfish, but you get a smaller appetizer size portion of pealed succulent boiled crawfish plus all the trimmings.  Learn more about the Crawfish Bowl.
  2. Shrimp Gumbo  or Chicken & Sausage Gumbo – Here in Cajun Country, you can’t go without having gumbo on a regular basis.
  3. Cajun Sweet n Spicy Coleslaw – Cajun spices and seasonings, combined with finely chopped coleslaw, cauliflower, mayo and sugar.
  4. Pork Fingers, Chicken or Fish – No matter what the main entree is, rest assured the dish is always awesome.  Each entree is marinaded in a special home made marinade sauce before cooking.
  5. Jambalaya – A staple in Cajun land.
  6. Vegetable in Season
  7. Dessert – The best Bread Pudding and Rum Sauce you’ll ever put in your mouth.


Pictures of Guests From All Over The World

Enjoying a Cajun Dinner

Ms Betty Powell from Tennessee

Ms Betty Powell from Tennessee


Ginger & Dallas from Texas


Ashley & Travis from New York & Louisiana


Jenny and Kristi from Chicago


Tom and Barbara from Youngsville La


Dominique & Batiste Luciano from France

2016-03-27 19.05.06

Stephen & Kay Kimmett from United Kingdom

2016-03-27 19.05.10

Diane & Robert Whitwell from Austrailia

2016-03-27 19.05.14

Andrew & Sonia Whitwell from Austrailia

2016-04-22 20.02.15

Ted Segura and Brenda Hill from Lafayette, La

2016-04-22 20.58.55

Martine & Gabriel Vitaux from France

Amanda & Marshall from Sweden

Amanda & Marshall from Sweden

2016-04-22 21.30.03

Martine Vitaux from France

2016-03-27 19.03.16

Austrailian’s, Aussies and Cajun’s a Grilling party

2016-04-26 21.29.57

Viviane Begnaud & Mike from USA

2016-05-20 21.24.54

Jean-Pierre & Arletta Metivier from France

2016-05-20 21.25.43

Eric & Ellen FULLER from California

2016-04-26 19.05.22 HDR