Cajun Sampler Dinner

Cajun Sampler DinnerAbout Cajun Food

The Cajun Sampler Dinner is the most popular among guests at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion primarily because most everyone traveling through are anxious to taste our succulent foods.

Louisiana is home of the most precious cuisines in the world; even describing the food in a few short sentences can be difficult.  Cajuns prefer to sit down, brew up a pot of coffee or have a cold beer in their hand and then talk about how the dishes are prepared and even provide helpful hints.   Most everything we do is centered around Cajun Food or Cajun Music.  If your’re invited for a gumbo, crawfish boil or jambalaya; it’s always a big production and most everyone participates.

To set the record straight, if you’ve had gumbo in New Orleans, you haven’t had a Cajun Gumbo.  You see, New Orleans serves awesome Creole food and that type of food includes tomatoes;  and proper Cajun Food does not.  In other words, New Orleans includes tomatoes in their gumbos and jambalaya’s and Cajuns don’t.  Now there is an exception though, a Cajun sauce piquant does include tomatoes; in fact it’s the key ingredient.

It’s not uncommon to describe Creole food as “City Food” and Cajun food as “Country Food”.  However, both cuisines are so fabulous and leaves your pallet always asking for more.  Just like the saying, “To know someone, you must meet their family”, well the same goes for food.  The best place to experience real authentic Creole and Cajun food is in homes across Louisiana because these recipes have been handed down generation to generation.

The Inn Keeper of Louisiana Cajun Mansion wanted anyone who visited her Bed and Breakfast to have the opportunity to taste the top 7 Cajun dishes.  Preparing all the dishes in her kitchen, she uses fresh ingredients and everything is homemade.  Like every other Cajun, she comes from a lineage of awesome cooks who were her Fat Grand Mothers who all wore aprons everyday.  Those recipes were handed down and Sandra now prepares these dishes in her Bed and Breakfast.

She knew her guests would have to order several dishes in a restaurant before they could experience these most popular dishes in the Cajun Sampler.

Enjoy a complete Cajun Dinner featuring a variety of the most popular succulent Cajun food.   Each dish is sample sizes which allows you to sample a variety of Cajun food in one sitting.

Socialize, enjoy the ambiance with good conversations, music and potentially meeting new friends who are also guests at the Cajun Mansion OR….. dine alone in the wine room.

Cajun Sampler Menu:

  1. Boudin
  2. Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
  3. Crawfish Boil in a BOWL
  4. Jambalaya
  5. Shrimp Sauce Picante OR Red beans & Rice
  6. Corn Macque Choux
  7. Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

You’d have to order many dishes in a restaurant to experience  these popular Cajun foods; but you can get these dishes right here in one sitting and all in sampler portions.  You don’t have to worry about leaving the table hungry for sure!

When you think it just can’t get any better, your meal is topped off with the most amazing Cajun Dessert you’ll ever put in your mouth.

A Few Guests Who Enjoyed the Cajun Sampler


Gary Ann & Roger from Texas


Lowell & Bill from Monroe La


Evelyne & Didier from France