Cajun Sweet n Spicy Coleslaw Recipe – No Raisins Please!

coleslaw2For me, coleslaw can either be too creamy, too watery, too bland or too dry and there are VERY FEW restaurants that offer good coleslaw with lots of flavor.  Heck!  Any time I order a plate lunch and see coleslaw in it, I just scrape it off my plate.  I remember as a small child, mom making the worst sweet coleslaw and to top it off, she added raisins in it.  OMG! I really dislike raisins!

My version of this recipe is a far cry from previous coleslaw recipes I’ve made and tried.  Although simple, the flavors are really nice to the pallet.  There are different variations of Cajun Coleslaw in Cajun land; but hands down this one is the best in my opinion.   In fact, many people who have never eaten coleslaw devour this one up.  No lie!

Just to give you a little history about Cajun Coleslaw.  Primarily there are two types of Cajun coleslaw as I know it and I don’t mind sharing both kinds.  Now please note that there may be several variations of each kind of coleslaw too!  The sweet coleslaw has variations that range from adding mustard, raisins, fruit, hot sauce, ketchup, garlic and the list goes on.

This sweet Cajun coleslaw recipe has a combination of flavors.  The texture ranges from semi limp cabbage to firmer cauliflower textures while your taste buds for sense the pleasing sweet taste.  But then POW!!!!!  here comes the Cajun herb seasoning that catches you by surprise.  Without a doubt, if you don’t eat coleslaw this recipe will change your mind.



Preparing this dish works best when using your hands instead of utensils to mix.  Therefore, wash your hands thoroughly before beginning the mixing process.

Place cabbage, carrots and Cauliflower in a large bowl and mix well.  Add the seasoning and sugar and mix well.  Then fold in the mayonnaise with your hands.  The mixture will feel gritty and that is ok.  Cover the bowl and place in refrigerator.  Make this about an hour before serving so flavors have a chance to meld, or make the day before and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Note:  You may choose to move the coleslaw in another smaller bowl because by now your coleslaw appears to be about half the size due to the ingredients holding it all together.