Mardi Gras Celebrations in Acadiana – 2019

Mardi Gras at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion

For most people, Mardi Gras is the first thing they think of when discussing Louisiana. The crazy parades, great music, tasty king cakes, colorful beads, outrageous costumes, and the amazing parties are a few highlights of this holiday. Lafayette is known to host many parades, events, parties, and great activities including the Greater Southwest Louisiana…

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Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler – Spring Time in Acadiana

Beautiful shot of Azaleas in bloom at Avery Island

Acadiana, “The Heart of Acadian” is the name given to our Nova Scotian French settled region here in Louisiana. People living here (Cajuns) have a “work hard, play hard” kind of attitude, which is why our area hosts so many events. There’s a reason why Lafayette is known as “The Hub City” of Louisiana. Over the…

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All About Cajun and Creole Cuisine

All about Cajun and Creole food

Some of the most delicious food in the world is found right here in Louisiana. Here’s why: “You gotta eat!”, is a popular saying in these parts. Mealtime is a huge part of Louisiana culture and I still remember growing up with every visit to every home including a meal. I still fondly look back…

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Cajun Culture is Alive at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion

Weekend Getaways in Louisiana

Are you planning a visit to Louisiana? If yes, then today we are going to help you get the most out of that trip! To be honest, when planning a trip, most folks think and plan a lot and tend to focus mostly on the cost and expenditures. We all want to strike a perfect…

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3 Must Visit Places in Louisiana

Welcome to Louisiana sign at tourist visitor center

When it comes to Louisiana, for the staff of the Cajun Mansion, it’s personal. We live and breathe the wonderful Cajun culture and try our mightiest to pass good will along to all our visitors. Being centrally located in the heart of Acadiana, helps us to be effective Ambassadors of everything Louisiana. Though our passion grows…

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Merry Cajun Christmas Musical Event at the Mansion

Cajun Christmas musical event at the mansion

The Christmas spirit is alive and well here in Acadiana and the Louisiana Cajun Mansion is awash in the sites and sounds of local Cajun music and culture.  This week we had a very special treat at the mansion. The folks from Cajun Music Radio, a Cajun streaming music network, were on location for a…

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Lafayette Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to the one and only Lafayette Bed and Breakfast, Louisiana Cajun Mansion.  We are so glad to see you join us this time of the year.  And your timing could not be more perfect.  The temperatures are cooling off.  And our area festivals and fairs are in full swing.  Everything around the mansion is in…

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Foreign Guests Enjoying Cajun Culture

Foreigh Guests and Cajun Culture

Two of the best combinations, foreign guests and our Cajun culture.  We absolutely love when the visitors who arrive at the mansion are from a far away land.  This beautiful couple pictured above are from France.  We exposed them to the Cajun way of life which was exciting for everyone. Foreign Guests Expectations and Cajun Culture Rewards…

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Tennessee Guest Eating Crawfish & Enjoying Cajun Life

Eating Crawfish

From Tennessee, Ms Betty is eating crawfish & enjoying Cajun Life for the first time ever. Connecting with her immediately, she is easy to talk to and is so full of life.  Traveling with a friend, Ms Betty wanted to experience whatever she could in Cajun country in just two short days before she headed out to New Orleans. She set…

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Bart and Tinna First Guests from Holland

The Louisiana Cajun Mansion had their first guests from Holland this weekend.  It was such a pleasure hosting Bart and Tinna.  They enjoyed relaxing under the patio and watched sports on the large flat screen tv.  Although there was a lot of rain this weekend, they still managed to make a swamp tour! In addition…

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