Festival International de Louisiane – Discover the Excitement of Lafayette Performance Arts

There’s no place like Louisiana! We love our music and food and the Festival International de Louisiane offers both in abundance, plus awesome international cultural treats for every visitor!

International Festival of Louisiana logoIt’s that time of the year when Louisiana promises to offer the best and most fun-filled 5 days of your life. Get ready because the International Festival of Louisiana is about to start.

These exciting 5 days will begin from April 25 and will end on April 29, 2018. The festival offers tourists the unique opportunity to find out what makes Lafayette so special.

It’s springtime in Acadiana and the climate is mild. It’s usually perfect weather conditions for doing an unforgettable walkabout through the beautiful downtown Lafayette area. Lafayette is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and international tourists and locals mix into a wonderful community for this festival each year.

Come and experience the festival. You’ll meet people speaking in exotic accents. You’ll hear the incredible music. You smell and taste the greatest food in the world.  Let’s start with the music!

The 2018 Festival International de Louisiane Lineup

The International Festival is one of the largest outdoor festivals that is a non-ticketed event and it celebrates the connections between the Francophone world and Acadiana. There will be hundreds
of artists playing (you can find the lineup here) from 15 countries with the local artists taking stage beside them on the seven stages. Let’s not forget the local food, craft vendors and various
family-friendly activities that the festival will offer.

Artists Performing

Following is a short list of some of the artists that will be performing at the festival:

Internation festival stage with band and crowd

  • Jupiter and Okwess
  • Ladama
  • Niyaz ft. Azam Ali
  • Sidi Touré
  • Lisa LeBlanc
  • Frigg
  • Innov Gnawa
  • Ten Strings and a Goat Skin
  • Sona Jobarteh
  • Alash feat. Shodekeh
  • Mydy Rabycad
  • Samantha Fish
  • Wesli
  • Dominique Dupuis
  • Amythyst Kiah


Festival Lagniappe

Some areas of the festival are ticketed such as the Festival Lagniappe. You are probably wondering about this festival sideshow, right?

Street Performers at the festival

Well, this one is purely for the on-ground entertainment and the food vendors serving exotic food you want to eat. Along with the famous Creole food, the Festival Lagniappe has much more to offer that will give your taste buds something new to enjoy.

There are other surprises too that you will only know when you are down there, standing in the street and anticipating what’s next to come.

For one, you might see Cirque de la Rue, who will march down Jefferson Street. Then there are the handcrafted puppets from Wanderlust Theatre Co. and the New Orleans’s Noisician Coalition instruments.

One thing or shall we say people you will see throughout the festival on every corner are the stilt walkers. Their colorful costumes make them stand out in the crowd. If you are lucky, you might even see them dance.

The Festival Lagniappe is really more like one of the regular Louisiana festivals. It’s organic and fun! You’re sure to work up an appetite there.

And of course, this means it’s time to mention…

Local Cajun & Creole Food

Cajun Rice and GravyLouisiana is proud of its local food and therefore offers it in every one of its festivals. Once you get tired from walking and gawking at all the activities and shows, head on over to Louisiana Biergarten that is located on Jefferson Street. The Biergarten offers unique Creole, Italian, seafood, fast food, and Cajun food from 4 local vendors along with 8 South Louisiana breweries.

All these vendors are set up in a parking lot to give you space for resting so that you can eat in peace and rejuvenate for the concert. On April 24, you will see all the Lafayette restaurants preparing themselves for the crowd that will show up tomorrow. This is the perfect opportunity for you to make reservations so that you can enjoy your lunch and dinner in a calm environment.

Want to arrive early at the festival, to get a prime spot for all the parades and the concert?

Then pack your bags and head on over to Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast. Call at (337) 453-5606 to check availability and make reservations.

*** As of this article publication date, there are just two available days left in the festival… better make your reservation now or you might not find a good bed and breakfast such as the Louisiana Cajun Mansion in the vicinity. ***