Flying South to Louisiana for the Winter

Winter weather got you down? Thinking about flying south for the winter? There are loads of fun things for tourists to do near Lafayette, Louisiana in the winter.

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You gotta love the winter season because this is the time when New Year looms in the distance and you want to soak up all the snowflakes and lay down everywhere making snow angels. What we love is providing our guests the best accommodation near Lafayette, Louisiana. Don’t expect to make snow angels or even a snowman… but we’ve got plenty of local flavor and activities. How cool is that?

We promise that the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast will make sure that your stay is warm and comfortable, every time you step foot through the front door. In the meantime, why not take a trip outside and discover what Lafayette has to offer and don’t forget your jacket. We may not have much snow, but it does get a little wintery even down south.

Top 5 Things to Enjoy near Lafayette, Louisiana this WinterLafayette Science Museum

Not a fan of cold? No worries because there are plenty of indoor tourist attractions you can visit to make your stay enjoyable. First up is the…

Lafayette Science Museum

One of the most popular tourist attractions, the Lafayette Science Museum boasts displays of various subjects such as geology, paleontology, marine biology and much more. It’s an interesting place to be as the items on display date back centuries. One of the best things this Museum offers is the all-digital Planetarium. So, lay back, relax and explore the wonders of the universe.

Cajun Food Tours

Want to know what restaurants to eat at during your stay? You don’t need to roam around the town second-guessing, which eatery offers the best food. Simply sign-up for the Cajun Food Tour and learn about Cajun Culture and what foods were popular back then. The tour group is comprised of 14 people and you are taken to six different eateries. Some of the most popular Cajun dishes that you will find in every restaurant and should surely try are fried seafood, gumbo, Étouffée (shellfish and rice), king cake, boudin (kinds of sausages) and cracklin (pork rind). Some of the popular stops include La Cuisine de Maman, Cajun Market Donut and Poor Boy’s Riverside Inn.

The Acadiana Center for the Arts

Who doesn’t like art, and when art is turned into a performance, all you can do is watch it in awe. The Acadiana Center for the Arts is not just a gallery. It is also a performance venue that has various other spaces, which include a boardroom, café, and theater.

Painting with a Twist Painting party

Want to do something fun and light? Many tourists have marked this place as one of their favorite attractions. This art studio allows children and adults to create their own artwork under a professional artist’s guidance. The entry is cheap, which makes it a great place to spend some quality time with your kids.

We also host painting parties here at the Cajun Mansion. You can get together with friends and family, and create something special with the gentle guidance of our painting party hostess!


Too cold outside but you still want to skate? Make your way to Skatez down in Opelousas and enjoy skating indoors in a warm environment. The entertainment center boasts many arcade gaming machines and a snack center. Moreover, it also hosts dance nights, which is why you will find most of the youngsters here jamming at night.

St. Landry Cinema

This Acadiana Cinema has four screens with stadium seating. The plush seats and the warm environment offer an intimate and comfortable movie experience. There’s even a snack bar that offers different varieties of Yummies, ones you won’t find in any other theater’s snack bar.

Roly Poly

Okay just in case you want a quick lunch that is more healthy we wanted to let you know we’ve got variety in our area eateries as well!

Last but not the least is Roly Poly. This small eatery always has a big queue of people in front of it. One would think they are giving away something free. They sure do give free drinks to their customers who have been standing in the queue for a long time. Their sandwiches are so popular and in demand that they now have 125 stores in the US. Their sandwiches are popular for their fresh ingredients and interesting flavors.


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There are many other attractions that you will definitely discover along the way. So, fly down south, book your affordable 5-star stay and leave your bags at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion. Set out to explore the wonders our area has to offer, and we’ll be waiting when you return.