Foreign Guests Enjoying Cajun Culture

Foreigh Guests and Cajun Culture

Foreign Guests and Cajun Culture

Two of the best combinations, foreign guests and our Cajun culture.  We absolutely love when the visitors who arrive at the mansion are from a far away land.  This beautiful couple pictured above are from France.  We exposed them to the Cajun way of life which was exciting for everyone.

Foreign Guests Expectations and Cajun Culture Rewards

Our reputation for all things Cajun is something that is spread throughout the world.   Guests arrive curious about our food, music and art.  We are thrilled to be able to share stories of traditions passed down from generation to generation.  Guests look forward to trips around our area that describe our lifestyle, heritage, and mannerisms.

Visitors inquire about the rich, highly seasoned delicacies that we serve here.  Our owners often show a guest how to peel boiled crawfish.  Describing a few French words out on the patio is not uncommon.  Discover the bold, rich flavor of our chicory coffee.  It is a delicious surprise.

Cajun Culture Explained

Foreign guests experience our unique atmosphere by taking a Cajun Day Trip.  During this time, sightseers  get a sense of the history of our town.  Our architecture displays the dedication our ancestors made to this region.  Cajun cuisine speaks for itself in every bite.  You definitely get a sense of how each tradition began and what makes our people so interesting.  Finally, take a walk and experience what makes Louisiana a treasure.

Foreign Guests Experiences

Our foreign guests learn about us, as a result, we also learn from them.  During their stay, we have been fortunate to have them tell us about their country and hometown.  The list of countries from where our guests have come from is long.  France, Greece, Canada and Italy to name just a few.  Our foreign guests and our Cajun Culture are two great combinations.  Most of all, we get so excited to meet everyone who comes to us from somewhere we dreaming of going to ourselves.

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