Fruit in Sweet Milk Sauce Recipe

2016-04-23 17.12.13“La Petite Sauce Douce de la Creme” by Mom Nolia Lopez

So many of you love the fruit and cream sauce dish that I serve for breakfast when I serve the  7 course Cajun Breakfast. Our guests are always asking for the recipe.  Well…  It seems like the most simplest things is what’s best.

Have you ever heard about KISS?  It’s an acronym for “Keep it simple, Stupid”.  I think we forget about keeping things simple and we go through more stress than we need these days.  The recipe didn’t start out this way, but thank god it’s how it ended up and it’s actually much better this way.

Mom Nolia used to call it “La petite Sauce Douce de la Crème“, meaning “The Little Sweet Sauce of Cream”.  Although my ole Mom Nolia spoke French as her primary language, she also spoke broken English which afforded her to communicate with the grandchildren very well.  But Mom Nolia felt that her grandkids should also be able to speak French; therefore if we didn’t communicate with her in French, she wouldn’t speak to us!

Everyone always loved Mom Nolia’s sweet milk sauce dish and she put whatever fruit my pop wanted in it.  My favorite was always banana’s and peaches; sometimes if I was lucky enough, pop would purchase some strawberries from the grocery store.    This isn’t much to this recipe, but boy is this a favorite among guests at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion.  

Well here goes the recipe; hope you guys enjoy making it at home!


– Whipping Cream
– Sweet Condensed Milk
– 1 small banana
– Strawberries
– Blueberries
– Powdered Sugar


Mix one quart whipping cream to 3/4 can sweet condensed milk; then shake the mixture together. Cut up a small banana into chunks, add strawberries and blue berries. Add a small mint leaf and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

That’s it guys. There isn’t anything more than that.

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