High End Camping

High End Camping For Everyone

High End Camping, better known as Glamping, is America’s new vacation pastime. If you want the perfect blend of outdoor relaxation and luxury, and if the idea of roughing it is not your style, then join us for first-class glamping at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion.

High End Camping For Everyone

You may remember going camping as a child.  Those early adventures usually consisted of a sleeping bag on the ground and maybe some burned hot-dogs and mashmallow-briquettes.  Your tent was small, and there certainly wasn’t electricity inside.  Of course, there wasn’t anything to protect you from the elements, and let’s not forget about the insects.

Glamping (Glamorous Camping) is not anything like that.  Glamping at the mansion is a real 5-star treat in a relaxing outdoor setting, complete with flora, fauna, and freedom from bugs. You’ll enjoy a woodsey good time with friends around the campsite, but your luxurious climate controlled tent is always a few steps away.

Your accommodations are a big, roomy tent — large enough to sleep four people, comfortably.   Each bed is designed for comfort so you can sleep or lounge in luxury. Our glamping tents feature either a beach or safari theme, depending on the tent you chose.  And let’s not forget about the temperature.   An air conditioner and fan is set to provide maximum comfort.

Each tent is decorated to make you feel like you either stepped on the beach or left for a swamp tour.  Seashells or alligators complete the design.  And step outside to enjoy a brisk fire in your own pit.  Smores await after your evening meal.

The pool house is right next door, providing a shower, bathroom, and sauna.  And the beautiful outdoor patio provides a big screen TV and complete grilling kitchen.  And each morning your Cajun breakfast is served here.

Also, each pavilion has a special feature not found in most camping sites.  An elegant chandelier resides above your tent.  Decked out with glistening lights and tiki torches, the chandelier provides you an ambiance not found elsewhere.

Of course, the swimming pool is nearby for an evening swim, until 10 p.m. if you like.

The little extras include a mobile docking station to recharge your cell phones, plush pool towels and bug spray.  Add some fun with painting classes, candle making classes, pedicures/manicures, and massages.

The best of part of glamping at the Cajun Mansion, is of course, the service:

In conclusion, take advantage of this time of year.  High End Camping is the new frontier.