High End Camping

High End Camping

High End Camping is something we have wanted to provide our guests here at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion for quite some time.  We are so pleased to announce officially that our glamping tents are not only up and running, but just in time for the fall season.  Just take a moment and think about it.  Because, this is no ordinary camping trip.

High End Camping

Seems like Glamping is all the rage over the East Coast.   Stars such as Alisha Marie and Haylie Duff are packing up their girlfriends and heading to the great outdoors.  So why not?  It is the perfect escape.

We took the best of what Louisiana has to offer and put it in our Glamping Tents.  Take a look at the tents and see which one you wish to explore.

The Holly Beach Glamping Tent

If you grew up in Louisiana, then you know all about Holly Beach.  Locals call it our very own “French Riviera”.  The location is known for having great sand building contests and beach goers love to boil local seafood and enjoy visiting old friends.  But with our tent, you bring the friends and we can provide a seafood feast.

The Alligator Glamping Tent

Louisiana is known for it’s alligators and we love the fact that our visitors are so curious about a unique creature.  And, this tent is adorned in our favorite friend.  From sheets and comforters to a few stuffed ones, you will feel like you have stepped into your own backyard swamp, without the mud.

Of course, our High End Camping tents are just that, high end.  Each tent comes with it’s own air conditioner, mobile charging docking station, luxurious comfortable bedding, and a pool house right next door for bathing and private bathrooms.  Don’t forget, each tent has it’s own covered pavilion with a crystal chandelier and so much more!

Forget about the days of roughing it with a sleeping bag on the ground.  In conclusion, High End Camping, Glamping is all about girlfriends, getting away and glamour.  Come see for yourself.