How to Find the Best Louisiana Bed and Breakfast

If you really want to experience Louisiana, you have to soak in its local experiences.

A Louisiana bed and breakfast is a nice change of pace compared to major chains of hotels and motels. Not only does it deliver a better overall value, it also helps you experience the ‘flavor’ of the local culture in a way that no tourist-trap hotel is ever going to provide.

You have access to:authentic Cajun shrimp bisque at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Right from the start, you will find new experiences by living like a local. What better way than to create the base of travel than at a Louisiana bed and breakfast?

Want to know how to experience Louisiana in full effect?

A Louisiana Bed and Breakfast for You

Everyone has particular preferences.

Some want the bustling city areas while others want secluded getaways with loved ones. Louisiana bed and breakfast locations have it all!

Here’s what to look for when booking a Louisiana bed and breakfast:

1. Expectations

Realize a Louisiana bed and breakfast is going to be different. You’re going to be in a cozy atmosphere where you’ll be interacting with the owners or other travelers during their stay. It’s very social. You’ll receive amenities, but you have to be patient since there may be only one or two individuals taking care of the house.

2. Policies & extras

Cancellation policies are different. These bed and breakfast locations don’t have a fast turnover. This can lead to additional fees if you choose to back out.

You shouldn’t get too rowdy with your stay. It’s their home so be careful with spills, partying, and other activities. You never know. Some bed and breakfast locations are relaxed on how you stay — talk with the owners first!

3. Location

Hotels are often located in nice areas, but a great Louisiana bed and breakfast may already be in the center of it all. The benefits include walking distance to great attractions, food, and experiences, along with that natural, at-home feel. You are part of the local community when you stay at a bed and breakfast.

4. Costs

Louisiana bed and breakfast locations are cheaper than hotel counterparts because of less overhead. These locations are managed by the owners so the savings pass to you. You’ll save from not dumping money into extras like drinks, food, and transportation!

5. Privacy

Owners may be on premise during your stay. Factor this into your trip if you plan to be romantic with a loved one.

Many locations offer private nooks, serenity rooms or an outdoor patio area.. You can relax and be at ease.

Shape the entire experience by ditching the hotels in place of a B&B — you’ll see the difference.

Defining a New Norm

Louisiana has a lot to offer. 

  • See the deep south points of interest
  • Take a steamboat tour
  • Party it up and watch live music
  • Take a scenic stroll through the many parks
  • Get a bit of the big city or go off the grid

The best way to experience it is like a local.

Consider the Louisiana bed and breakfast experience for something new and exciting.

Get a feel for the local culture, food, and activities. It’s all out there if you’re willing to travel outside the norm.