Louisiana Cajun Mansion – 2016: A Year in Review

As we spend a warmer-than-usual Winter season with family and friends here in Youngsville near Lafayette; the staff of the Louisiana Cajun Mansion thought it would be a great time to take a look back on 2016 and all the great times, events and special guests we’ve had the privilege of hosting.2016 year in review at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion

It’s been a marvelous year here at the mansion!

Thanks to Our Guests

Our most sincere thanks first of all to the amazing guests we’ve met and pampered this year. The mansion has received such glowing reviews that one might think we’re the star of this story, Talented guests from the United Kingdom entertaining at the mansion
but the real stars of 2016 are the guests who came to enjoy our luxury suites, gourmet Cajun food, special events, and 5-star amenities.

We really enjoyed meeting superstars from our local area, like the Mallets, who joined us for a culturally immersive Cajun Grilling soiree. We’ve also been treated to unique personalities from around the country who stole our hearts, like Ms. Betty from Tennessee. Then there were all our international guests,  like the talented Susan & Mike from England who entertained the staff and other guests with their impromptu pop music performance.

New Experiences to Enjoy at the Cajun Mansion

We’ve gone to great lengths to make the Louisiana Cajun Mansion experience even more amazing than it has been. Here’s what’s new!

Alligator Glamping Tent

Glamping Tents

Glamping at the Mansion – This year we introduced our now world famous Glamorous Camping tent glamping packages that our guests simply love! Imagine all the comforts of home (actually more comfortable than most homes) perfectly blended with a next-to-nature tent camping experience all in one package. You’ve got to try it!

Wedding Events at the Mansion – Some of our most memorable experiences this year came from the romantic wedding events we’ve hosted throughout 2016.  We’ve got big plans for even more glamorous weddings and parties for next year. The feedback from our guests has been great, and has helped us to refine the packages to make every wedding here a truly special event for all who attend.


Special Events at the Mansion

Twenty Sixteen has been a banner year for special events here at the mansion. This holiday season we had a marvelous treat when young Cajun musicians came to play for our Christmas party. We were also featured on a local radio station and a live Facebook video broadcast that has reached over 100,000 people around the world. Our love of the Cajun culture and our support of local artists and youth groups makes the mansion a hub for world class events.

Press Recognition and Magazine Features About the Mansion

Nothing makes us so proud as when writers and reporters ask to visit and feature the Mansion in their publications. We have an awesome team of very talented people who make every stay a memory for our guests, and being recognized for our 5-star accommodations is the best reward of all.

This year the Times of Acadiana featured the Louisiana Cajun Mansion as the perfect Staycation & Romantic Getaway!

Please consider visiting the mansion on your next trip through Louisiana. We’re conveniently located just moments from every major Cajun tourist attraction. We provide the finest gourmet breakfast in the business, and we truly love our guests. If you are planning a wedding, our impeccably appointed spacious rooms,  romantic atmosphere, extra luxury features, and European ambiance make the mansion your perfect Louisiana wedding venue.

Stay tuned friends; 2017 will be an even better year for the mansion. Hope to see you here!