Louisiana Cajun Mansion Announces Opening of New Bed and Breakfast

The LouisianaCajunMansion.com newly opened bed and breakfast highlights the success story of a Cajun woman who is truly living the American dream.

(Youngsville, LA)

Escaping to the Bayou is a new trend in niche travel that is becoming more appealing to individuals throughout the world. In an answer to this trend, the Louisiana Cajun Mansion recently announced the opening of its all-new bed and breakfast in Lafayette LA. Nestled in the heart of the Bayou, this bed and breakfast provides visitors with an escape into another world, where moss covered waterways teeming with gamefowl and alligators give way to beautiful southern prairielands.

“We are beyond excited to announce the opening of our new bed and breakfast,” stated owner and founder Sandra Booher. “However, what is even more exciting is my story and how I established Sandra Booher, Owner and proprietor of the Louisiana Cajun Mansionthis business. I truly feel as though I am living the American dream while offering visitors a unique travel experience.”

The Louisiana Bed and Breakfast was founded by Sandra Booher, a direct descendant of Gabrielle Lopez, who was one of the 16 settlers the king of Spain sent to Louisiana to form a colony. Booher has a background in corporate America, where she ran large departments for oilfield companies and nationally owned law firms.

Booher reflected fondly on her career transition from executive to hotelier. “My professional life was spent in the corporate climate, and those skills have allowed me to make the Mansion very successful.” She added, “My knack for creativity in this laid back Cajun culture, mixed with our southern hospitality in Acadiana is an excellent combination.  The Mansions restful climate makes the perfect setting for a romantic bed and breakfast.”

“I am a Cajun and all that word entails,” continued Booher. “Opening this bed and breakfast provided me with the opportunity to get back to my roots and do something I truly loved. I am fluent in French and very familiar with the local area. I use these assets to help enhance my visitors stays as much as possible.”

Upon booking at Louisiana Cajun Mansion, visitors and guests will discover there are a number of unique activities. Booher provides educational Cajun cooking dinners, shares Cajun life stories ,and she helps her guests with their day trips in Cajun country. She is currently publishing a cookbook of both her grandmother’s original authentic Cajun recipes which will be offered to guests. The cookbook will not only include these recipes, but will also include family stories which she hopes will carry her grandmother’s legacy forward.

While the bed and breakfast is open to any guests who want to experience this part of the U.S., it specializes in romantic getaways in Louisiana. It is the ideal setting for weddings, anniversaries and couple’s retreats. Guests can enjoy massage services, painting classes, girls getaways, elopements, outdoor glamping tents and more.