Louisiana Elopement Packages: Take the Stress Out of Getting Hitched

Reasons why you should opt for a Louisiana Elopement package for your wedding…

Okay, so you’re in love, or should I say in LOVE! You’ve been dreaming and scheming and planning your weddings since grade-school days. Your true love agrees. It’s time to tie the knot. But after a month of sketching out plans and seating charts and interviewing catering reps you’re about to call the whole thing off.

Why? The stress and endless detail decisions are about to break up a beautiful love story.

So what can you do? One word:


The issue many people face while arranging a wedding celebration is either that it is too expensive or that there is just a lot of a hassle involved in wedding planning. Every couple also has a fear that some things might not turn out according to their plan. There may even be an issue of too many people being invited, with a range of choices being required when it comes to the menu. Or that the thought of interviewing one more slimy Casanova musician makes your skin crawl.

Why a fancy wedding might just not be the best idea.Pecot the squirrel recommends your Elope to Louisiana

Mostly, when a couple decides to opt for a wedding, they want this memorable day to be as perfect as possible. But unfortunately, perfection needs a lot of investment, both in terms of time and money. Since couples have to spend thousands of dollars on the honeymoon as well, many times, eloping is considered a much better choice.

It is a simple and inexpensive way of binding the marriage with your loved one if a fancy wedding is not your preference. Elopement is also best if you’d rather save your budget for a better honeymoon trip. Let’s discuss this further.

Why you should Elope?

You don’t marry your fiancé more than once and since it is a onetime shot, you should look for ways to make that day more romantic, and unforgettable. Although eloping would provide you with better ease of mind, but if you choose to just go to court and get married, how would your day ever be as memorable as you wanted?

You need to be celebrating a day that you would look back on from the future, and see how beautiful the moment was. But what if you prefer eloping instead of an elaborate wedding ceremony?

In that case, going for a Louisiana elopement package might just be the best way to have it all, namely: A fantastic romantic experience and a more relaxed wedding.

Why you should choose an Elopement Package to Smooth Out Your Elopement.

To make your wedding day special, there are some amazing Louisiana elopement packages offered at the Cajun Mansion.

What’s the best part about it? You just have to get ready and show up at the venue. And the rest will already be taken care of and will be tuned according to your highest standards.

The elopement packages offered are also very inexpensive and the total per person cost if you bring someone along, are significantly less too.

With everything set to make your day perfect, all you have to do is to celebrate your intimate wedding ceremony with a few close loved ones. Choosing to go for a structured package will provide you the option to avail many benefits such as:

  • There will be an officiant to tie you officially in the knots of marriage.  🙂
  • The packages can be chosen for both day and night.
  • There are bridal bouquets, dazzling flowers and boutonnieres for decoration to add colors to your special day.
  • High quality champagne is offered to everyone present and keepsake glasses are also given.
  • There is a special boutique wedding cake for the ceremony, baked according to the specification requested by the couple.
  • You might reserve a room to stay in (highly recommended) and the planners can arrange some romantic complimentary massages for the couples as well.

Our very own event coordinator Sandra Booher will help make your elopement wedding a success and has plenty of experience in doing just that. She knows what problems may arise and what it takes to make weddings perfect for couples. Give her a call today!

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So, choosing a Louisiana Cajun Mansion elopement package can prove to be a hundred times better than doing it solo.