Louisiana Getaways

Louisiana is a really special place. Folks world-round come to visit our great state for Louisiana getaways and they always (as we say) pass a good time!

Sure, every state has its unique features and attractions, but in Louisiana we offer something that no other state can boast; we give visitors a unique cultural experience that is seamlessly integrated with modern everyday living. Our mindset is different. Our ways are old fashioned. Out values are solid, humble, and vibrant. Our food is amazing. Our celebrations are envied. Our spiritual and cultural pride is unrivaled. Our arms are wide open and welcoming.

Truly, there is no place on earth like Cajun country, also known as Acadiana, here in the deep south gulf coast, Louisiana.

When you think about Louisiana Getaways, you cannot help but think of Louisiana Cajun Mansion.  Located in the heart of Cajun Country, we are fortunate to be surrounded by history, culture, and great food.  With all that Louisiana has to offer, who would not want to venture to our fabulous state?

Louisiana Getaways Louisiana-Getaways-SwampScene

If you are a first time visitor, the Mansion has a guaranteed fun time list of activities for you to explore.  Take off on one of our Cajun Day Trips to Breaux Bridge, where the crawfish are spicy and the antique shops are overflowing with treasures.   You can speed across the bayou on an Air Boat Tour.  Or, try some Cajun dancing at one of the fine dance halls in the area.

Cajun Cuisine

Of course it would be an absolute crime to come to Louisiana and not try some of our delicious cuisine.  Food is a major part of our culture and the array of restaurants makes choosing one difficult.  One that we are partial to is Randol’s Seafood Restaurant.  Located in the heart of Lafayette, Randol’s has been a staple for many years.  But the food won’t be the only reason to stick around.   Zydeco music plays nightly, so grab your partner and learn to two-step with the crowd.

Relaxing Touches

Of course, all of this adventure can wear a person out.  And this is the perfect time to sit back and relax with a Chair Massage.   While you enjoy the view from the patio, your sore muscles are massaged away.  Sip a refreshing Mimosa and try our fabulous Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  No better way to end your day.

In conclusion, there are so many terrific reasons to visit Louisiana Cajun Mansion.  In fact, it may require you to make more than one trip to visit with us.

Be sure and book your stay at the Mansion. You’ll enjoy a luxurious, award winning 5-star bed and breakfast right in the heart of it all!

All the culture, music, food, and beauty is within a few moments drive of the Mansion. Come and join us for a truly memorable Louisiana Getaway.