Make the Most of Your Babymoon Getaway!

Congratulations! It’s that time in your pregnancy when you’re done picking out unique baby names, selecting nursery colors and planning for the little angels delivery. Things are about to get glorious, but hectic.

In short, it’s time to have a memorable Babymoon vacation! Couple packging for their babymoon stay at Louisiana Cajun Mansio Bed and Breakfast

Even now, your family and friends might be telling you that your life is going to be busy. It won’t ever be the same, starting the moment you finally hold your precious baby in your hands. This is why couples desperately need to go on a vacation in the weeks before they become parents.

In fact, it’s preferable to plan your babymoon in the earliest stages of pregnancy in order to minimize discomfort.

A Babymoon getaway is the new travel buzzword. It is the chance to spend some quality time together, relax, and indulge in some really fun activities with your partner before the new arrival. It is the honeymoon before the arrival of your baby!

To be honest, nothing could be a better way to celebrate the milestone than planning a fun and relaxing Babymoon. Therefore, to help you make your last pre-parent trip a memorable one, here are some #TravelTips from the Cajun Mansion staff.

Reduce Travel Time – Keep it Local

During pregnancy — even the early stages — traveling can be quite exhausting. So, choose a Babymoon destination that is easily reachable. If you are taking a flight, avoid multiple hops or locations that may require a layover and keep the flight time down to 4 hours max. Stress is your enemy right now, and lots of transfers can increase your stress. Try to book an accommodation that is located near the city or close to amenities, in case you need to see a doctor.

Book the Perfect Babymoon Package

There are some amazing getaway packages that you can get at 50% discount. There are several resorts like the mansion that offer attractively priced packages. This is a great way to save a few bucks on your trip while getting amazing services and 5-star amenities at a much reasonable cost.

It is better to book your package in advance. For instance, a Special 3-Day WEEKDAY Getaway Package at Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast provides all the good food, good times and world-class hospitality at a fantastic price. As you book three consecutive weekday nights in their luxurious rooms, the 3rd night is offered at only half of the standard rate.

Another great advantage of planning your trip to Louisiana is that you can easily visit Louisiana Festivals and attractions. All the major attractions are only moments away, making enjoying the food and music and tours and attractions easy and painless. The Mansion is always nice and quiet, offering stunning views. It’s a great home base for your local Acadiana touristing!

Be Indulgent. You’ll Thank Yourself… Couple making heart sign over expectant mothers tummy

The only way you can make this trip unforgettable is by indulging yourself without any guilt. Soon you’re going to be 100% dedicated to taking care of your baby. So, now is the chance to have some relaxing time with your loved one. Fellas for instance, book a full local day spa package for your wife. Go with the one especially geared to serve pregnant women. We even have in-house couples massages.

Enhance your getaway with a romantic dinner in the wine room. You could even opt for a midnight swim!

If you visit Louisiana, or plan your babymoon here, get yourself relaxed by choosing Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast as your ultimate accommodation.

Need more ideas? Just ask your hostess for advice. All of the staff at the mansion are here to help, and we’ve got plenty of experience with adding romance and fun to your Babymoon getaway.