Martini Masquerade Bridal Show – Lafayette La

Martini Masquerade 2019 Bridal Show

This is THE big event of the bridal season! Make plans to make it out to the Cajun Dome Convention Center in Lafayette.

You’ll want to be where discriminating Brides in Acadiana come when they plan their wedding! Weddings with Style features a one-day event featuring David Tutera (Celebrity Wedding Planner). The event also gives 100 Brides a chance to spend 1 unforgettable hour with David backstage!

The Martini Masquerade event showcases a variety of regional exhibitors in the Wedding & Bridal Industry.  There are many vendors in attendance as well, so the excitement and selection will be tremendous.


VIP Time with 100 Brides       11:00am

General Admin   12:00pm to 4:00pm

Cajundome Convention Center, Lafayette, La
(map & directions)

The Martini Masquerade Bridal Show offers the visiting Bride-to-be a wide range of possibilities and opportunities!  Many brides make it a fun-filled all-day event with their bridal parties. You’ll see Moms and of course future Mothers In Law also touring the booths and displays.  Come on out and pick up on all kinds of original and valuable ideas most brides might not even think about.

Bridal shows make planning a wedding easier. You’ll learn tons of cool ideas and have fun too!

The Martini Masquerade Bridal Show is a fun and exciting way to learn about current fashions and wedding trends. The Bride gets to meet Wedding Cake Designers, Photographers, Wedding Event Planners, Caterers, Hair Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Musicians, DJ’s, Tux Rentals, Vendors who offer Bridal Sussies and much more.  By the time a Bride leaves the bridal show, she is definitely overwhelmed.

bridal sussies from bridal show vendors

When you stop and think about it, there is much more than just the wedding ceremony and reception; there are many other participants to think about, AND this event can provide you with ideas for all the parties associated with a wedding.

Featuring David Tutera

David Tutera is a TV show Celebrity host who specializes in Wedding and Party planning.  David is now touring top event venues across the country and will also be in Lafayette Louisiana early next year.  He offers his services and advice for speaking engagements and up-close meetings with brides, fellow planners, and fans!

During the Lafayette Bridal Show event, David will share personal tips with brides on planning an unforgettable, personalized wedding.  He will give a solid hour of his time to 100 lucky Brides and will provide behind-the-scenes advice and suggestions.

His insider advice will be so valuable, you won’t want to leave!  Get ready with your questions, because David will answer questions from the audience, take photos and sign autographs! It’s gonna be awesome!

Wedding & Reception Venues

The Wedding Ceremony is a symbol of commitment between the Bride and Groom. but the Reception is the celebration of the marriage!  Wedding Venues can also host other types of celebrations such as Bridal Showers, the Rehearsal Dinner and some venue’s such as The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast, can even host Bachelorette getaways!  You can normally find these type of vendors at Bridal Shows also.

The Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast is ready for any of the above events and our professional hostesses and event planners can flip the mansion from a bed and breakfast to an event venue within an hour! We host weddings, elopements, intimate getaways, romantic dinners, private parties, and so much more.  Check out our Wedding Venue Gallery.

Bridal Show Magazine

wedding with style magazine - official logoThe Martini Masquerade Bridal Show also features a Magazine called Weddings With Style!  This traditional print magazine is an awesome tool for Brides after the Bridal Show has passed us by.  It allows future brides-to-be to see what other brides are doing while planning their wedding.  Find the latest wedding cake ideas. Browse amazing photography spreads. Read articles on top-notch wedding planning services and what they are doing to make their clients’ wedding truly unique.  All brides stress over Colors; check out Wedding with Style to see what is the new color of the season is.  If you’re interested in tabletops and centerpieces, you’ll get to see the latest there too.  And of course, you’ll get first-hand reviews and information on the finest local wedding and reception venues.  It’s all there in the magazine literally at your finger tips.

We hope to see you at the Martini Masquerade 2019 Bridal Show, on Sunday, February 10th, at the Cajundome Convention Center in Lafayette, Louisiana.