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We don’t just cater a party, we make it special.  We pay attention to the food presentation and every detail to make sure it’s just right for you and your guests.  We want you to feel proud when your guests enjoy eating the foods.  We offer a variety of hor d'oeuvres to choose from for your special event.

You have options when serving hor d’oeuvres!  Option 1- Members of the wait staff walk among guests carrying trays of individual hor d’oeuvres  OR Option 2- The hor d’oeuvres are served in individual servings on a table and guests serve themselves.  The most economical way is the first portions are  already set.

You have options when serving banquet or reception type foods!  Option 1- It is displayed on tables in a buffet style presentation.  OR Option 2- The food is plated and served. The most economical way is the second way because food portions are controlled.

We would be happy to setup a tasting with you and discuss the details when creating an over-the-top Event Celebration.  Give us a call at 337-453-5606 for an appointment.

Hor d'oeuvre Selections

Banquet & Reception Selections

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