Merry Cajun Christmas Musical Event at the Mansion

The Christmas spirit is alive and well here in Acadiana and the Louisiana Cajun Mansion is awash in the sites and sounds of local Cajun music and cultureCajun Christmas musical event at the mansion

This week we had a very special treat at the mansion. The folks from Cajun Music Radio, a Cajun streaming music network, were on location for a live Christmas video broadcast; a worldwide
special event called Merry Cajun Christmas.

The event was dedicated to displaced Cajun people and Cajun music fans who were not able to be in Louisiana during the holidays. Entertainment was provided, featuring a wonderful live performance by local Cajun youth musicians ranging in age from 8 to 18. They played several traditional Cajun French songs for us, as well as a Cajun rendition of the classic Christmas lullaby, Silent Night.

Cajun music played a very large part in the life of Louisiana Cajun Mansion owner Sandra Booher, who is a direct descendant of the original settlers to the region. She told me;

“Cajun music was such a big part of our lives growing up. Our local living Cajun music legend Mr. D.L. Menard is still so loved and respected and guests to the mansion always love to hear French music and get the full experience of Cajun culture we provide. That includes the finest Cajun food, music and attractions — all just a few moments drive from their luxury suite. We appreciate these young folks coming to play here. It’s so exciting to see children so young who are already accomplished Cajun musicians. Our culture is alive and well. Big thanks to Cajun Music Radio, David Marcantel, and Lisa Coots for sharing their art and artistry with us.”

During the broadcast, viewers were also treated to a reading by author Lisa Coots, who recited her moving poem entitled I AM FROM; an emotional glimpse of what it meant to grow up in the prairie Cajun culture.

Then, after a solemn moment accented by the sounds of a Cajun Silent Night, Mr. David Marcantel performed a live reading in French of his Christmas legend Noël Acadien.

The broadcast has already reached over a quarter million people worldwide. You can watch the video below, or catch it on our LCM Facebook page.

From all of us here at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion, Merry Cajun Christmas or as we say in Acadiana: Joyeux Noël