Parmesan Cream Cheese Ball Recipe

IMG_0174[1]Our Parmesan Cream Cheese Ball Recipe is  Super easy and can also be served with Brochetta.  The purpose for this recipe is to be served with our Romantic Capresse Appetizer; however you will see another recipe below for a larger Cheese ball to be served as a stand alone appetizer.


  1. Cream Cheese – 1 block
  2. Parmesan Cheese Fresh Grated 1/2 cup
  3. 1/4 teaspoon Minced Garlic
  4. 1/4 teaspoon dried parsley flakes
  5. 6 teaspoons of fresh cracked black pepper
  6. Salt to taste

Mix together and form small balls that will fit into a cucumber for the Romantic Capresse Appetizer.

Stand Alone Appetizer

The Cheese Ball will take just minutes to whip up and is always a total show stopping appetizer!  Mix all the ingredients listed above plus add a few more for your Stand Alone Cheese Ball.  Its loaded with fresh tomatoes, Parmesan and garlic then rolled in crispy panko breadcrumbs all served with toasted baguette slices = irresistibly delicious!

  1. Fresh Diced Tomatoes – 1/4 cup
  2. Fresh panko bread crumbs

Mix all the ingredients from the above two listings with the exception of the fresh pando bread crumbs,  then roll  the ingredients together forming a large ball.  Then roll the cheese ball in the pando bread crumbs to coat the cheese ball with bread crumbs.  Serve with bruschetta.