Planning Your Over-The-Top Tea Party or Bridal Shower

Planning a classic themed bridal shower? Why not consider an over-the-top glamorous bridal tea or even a bridal shower?

Amidst all the wedding preparations, mayhem and festivities, a bridal shower can be the perfect way for the bride and her family members to let go for a while and take a moment to appreciate the most anticipated moment of her life. Bridal showers give the bride a moment out of her busy schedule to acknowledge the big change that is about to come in her life and celebrate it wholeheartedly.

What is a better way to organize a bridal shower than a traditional, sophisticated and lady-like tea party? An elegant tea party, with a fun yet sophisticated ambiance, surrounded by your giggling girlfriends and the smell of freshly baked lemon tarts filling the place. Sheer bliss, isn’t it?

The VibeTea Party Table setting

It is a classic theme for bridal showers but it does not mean that it has worn out over time. There is something nostalgic about tea parties. It is the stillness of the afternoon, clinking of spoons against teacups, vintage forks and golden-rimmed teacups. Simple and magical like a fairy tale.

The Invites

It is a prim and proper gathering of you and your lady friends and that calls for handcrafted perfumed invitations wrapped with silk ribbons. Invitations are important when planning a tea party. Pick up high-quality hard paper with a rustic touch and write the words in a beautiful handwriting — make it personal —  as you might have seen in a Jane Austen movie. Send out your invites and keep the tone formal but inviting to carry out the theme properly.

The Food

The best thing about tea parties is that you do not have to go out of your budget to care about what to serve. The light and fluffy ambiance of tea parties is partly due to the light food that is served in it. What can you serve? Here’s some ideas!

  • Raisin scones
  • Cucumber and egg sandwiches
  • Classic potato salad
  • Assorted patties
  • French Madeline
  • Classic deviled eggs straight from the 50s
  • Curried salmon
  • Vanilla cupcakes – vanilla is the classic scent of tea parties

The Drinks

Tea, of course. Get different types of teas – English breakfast tea, oolong, mint tea, chamomile, or honeyed tea. Serve both hot teas and chilled teas. Other than tea, there should be peach flavored cocktails and light champagnes as the evening approaches with the setting sun.

Party Favors

Who doesn’t like to make party favors? We love making them. They are small and cute and add cheer to the party.

Goodie bags are also fun. You can stuff little inexpensive chachkies in them and make sure everyone gets something to take home and remember. You can also put different flavors of tea boxes in them along with dried tea leaves, a small pendant and a baby plant in pot. With a little planning and not much money you can cover all your girlie-girl bases quite nicely!

Do Not Forget the Teapots

Go out and shop for teapots to serve different teas in. You can choose the silver ones or the plain white ones with a minimalist touch. Or, you can get the vintage gold-rimmed teacups and teapots with big red roses printed on them. If you’re lucky, you may have relatives or friends who have some they can lend out for your party. The choice is yours.

If you want to further enhance the theme, go for themed or movie memorabilia tea sets like those shown in Alice in Wonderland or Beauty and the Beast.

Okay! Got all that? Or…

Want a Better Way? Get it All Done for You!

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We’ve hosted some wild and wonderful over-the-top tea parties here at the Mansion, and can’t wait to get yours on our calendar!