Planning Your Romantic Louisiana Elopement

Recently a guest wrote in to ask: How do you pull off the perfect romantic Louisiana elopement?

Here at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion we’ve done them all; from huge formal weddings to small intimate JP affairs. We’ve also helped couples who’ve eloped to create the perfect matrimonial getaway. Even though planning an elopement may a scene from planning your Louisiana Elopementsound like a contradiction, it’s actually very important since the details of any life event this major takes some planning.

You know we’ve got to plan this out girl!

Traditional weddings call for weeks (and maybe months years) of planning and preparation. Starting from making the guest list and shopping to choosing the venue, food and wedding day dresses; there is a lot to do. It’s a long to-do list that often keeps increasing until the very end, and this makes the situation worse by making the couple (particularly the bride) stressed out. A tight budget only adds to this stress.

These are some of the reasons why more and more people are taking the route of elopement to say ‘I do’. Tying the knot in an intimate ceremony without any pressures of planning, getting things done in a right way, pleasing the people around, increasing the budget and no escape from the unending responsibilities, is what couples are finding really appealing lately.

Planning a Romantic Louisiana Elopement

Since the decision to tie the knot by eloping away is often spontaneous, there isn’t much time to plan things. However, there are few things that you should never forget to take into account for your Louisiana Elopement.

No, we are not putting you into the trouble of researching for those must-do things; we have got you covered. To help you have a perfectly romantic elopement, we are highlighting what needs to be done in the short time period you have before running away to say ‘I do’.

·         Consider the Budget
Although eloping means you won’t be inviting guests to the ceremony and there would not be the traditional arrangements, this does not mean you won’t need money. Considering your budget is important for many reasons, such as to decide the perfect location, to settle on the type of elopement you are going to have; whether you are going to have a weekend getaway, a long vacation or the cost-efficient option of exchanging the vows in the local courthouse.

Do not worry, whatever option you choose, elopement generally costs 10% or less than the average traditional wedding.Many couples have chosen Louisiana Cajun Mansion as their spot for a perfect wedding

·         Do Not Forget the Legal Stuff
While one does not need to be a resident of Louisiana to get married here, getting a marriage license is mandatory for your Louisiana Elopement. A Louisiana marriage license can be obtained from the court’s office clerk of any parish (yes, we call them parishes here). Regardless of the parish from where the license is issued, it is valid all over the state.

Obtaining a marriage license in Louisiana is fairly straightforward. You need to provide valid IDs, copies of your and your partner’s birth certificates, and a copy of Judgment of Divorce (in case of second marriage). Also, you will need two witnesses.

·         Choose A Bed And Breakfast Place
A comfortable and cozy bed and breakfast is to an elopement what a hotel is to a wedding. Therefore, it is highly important that you choose a good place to stay before and after tying the knot. Again, your budget plays a key role here as well.

For those going for Louisiana Elopement, if you are looking for an intimate, secluded comfortable and luxurious experience in Louisiana, look no further than Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast. Situated in a beautiful location in the midst of tress and manicured gardens, it has different types of suites and photographic settings to choose from. No matter what type of accommodation you choose, expect to get high class luxury, comfort and services. If you love rustic elegance, Louisiana Cajun Mansion is the perfect place to stay after exchanging vows in your Louisiana Elopement.

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