Reasons to Celebrate Your Anniversary at a Bed and Breakfast

romantic couple anniversary picnic

Anniversaries are a romantic and very special occasion for a couple and are celebrated with a spirit of intimacy and nostalgia. Oftentimes, couples like to surprise their loved one with a romantic and elegant destination so that they can create the best atmosphere to honor their special day. Considering this, nothing could be a more perfect spot than a luxury Bed and Breakfast.

Long gone are those days when B&Bs used to have a grandmotherly reputation. Today’s modern B&B inns are like boutique hotels which offer an amazing experience that’s more than just a bed to sleep in. So if you are planning your anniversary at a romantic and classic destination, here are our top reasons to select an intimate location like Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

Experience depiction of a romantic anniversary celebration at a bed and breakfast

When you book a classic bed and breakfast instead of an expensive hotel, you not only end up saving a good amount of money but you also get an amazing experience. As you arrange your anniversary celebration at a smaller scale, it allows for personalized attention, fun conversations with guests, and effective communication with staff or innkeepers. Bed and Breakfast venues offer a unique experiential stay which cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Luxury Accommodations

Nothing is generic about a luxury B&B. Today’s B&Bs staff know how to make your romantic getaway or celebration more personalized and unique. You can easily control the ambiance to set the tone for your escape. From amenities, location, size, and color, you choose the arrangements as per your preferences and make it even more special.

Little Things Matter

You’ve seen the ole ‘ring in the ice cube’ proposal bit, but that old cliche speaks to a more important point. Anniversary celebrations are about momentsJoyful faces of visitors to the mansion

Everybody goes for a fancy dinner to impress their loved one but sometimes, smaller things matter more. These are the things that you do out of intent like preparing a special dinner for your partner on a random weeknight. The same idea holds for your romantic anniversary. Your bed and breakfast should stand ready to help you plan those special little moments because they become the memories you’ll share for years to come.

To make your anniversary even more special, you can enjoy a refreshing and relaxing drink on the patio — or together at the fire pit if you decide on an anniversary glamp — while laughing at inside jokes, recalling your first date or talking about how you two have come so far.

Gourmet Breakfast

A breakfast is a lot more than just yogurt, cereal or muffins that usually grace the so-called ‘continental breakfast’ buffets of expensive hotels.  A B&B gives you a chance to enjoy a multi-course dining experience. Here at the Mansion, we’re rather proud of our amazing gourmet Cajun breakfasts. Wouldn’t that be a sure way to start your day on the right foot? No matter if you like to have your breakfast with different guests in the main hall or have it in your room just with your loved one, you enjoy a fully served breakfast every morning.

Also, if you are diet conscious and not a meat lover, you can also get a breakfast prepared from plant-based ingredients only. You can ask the staff to adjust any breakfast according to your dietary restrictions.

If you are looking for the elegance and intimacy of a B&B or the luxury of a boutique stay, Cajun Mansion B&B knows how to make your anniversary a celebration to remember. We’re offering great Fall-Winter Off-Season Specials at the Mansion right now, so take advantages on our low rates and book your anniversary getaway at Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast. We can’t wait to pamper you!