Rekindle Your Love: A Perfect Romantic Getaway

It is often said that love never dies. We’re here to tell you that romance is alive and well at Louisiana Cajun Mansion. Let’s talk about planning your perfect romantic getaway!

However, amidst the busy life, daily chores, responsibilities and our natural quest to find our purpose and pursue our goals, it might get dusty and get buried under heaps of materialistic things Rekindle your love wit a perfect romantic getawaythat make up our lives. However, not taking out time for love and romance is not how it should be. After all, it is love that actually keeps us going when things get dark.

So, maybe things between you and your partner have been quiet and dull lately – there is always a way to rekindle the love that once brought you two together. Here’s a simple exercise:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Let your nerves release their tension.
  3. Think nothing and simply put a pause in everything you are doing.
  4. No second thoughts, quiet your inner voice.
  5. Just let the routines of life go away for a while.
  6. Now, imagine the smiling happy face of your partner in the glorious sunlight.

Yes, that warm feeling you feel filling up your heart is an indication that it is the right time to take a break from everything and get closer to each other once again.

We want you to plan a perfect romantic getaway with your loved one and we are here to help you with it. All it takes is a heart full of love and a few minutes to jot down a plan.

Of course, a quick phone call to the Mansion (337) 453-5606 can help you through the whole process.

Plan a Budget and Choose a Location

It can be a trip over the weekend or a two-week trip to the place you always have always dreamed of going together. Now, here we are not talking about high-end and exuberant vacations. There must be some places that you have seen on your train trip to the countryside, or the little cabin in the woods that you saw on Instagram, a romantic walk in cozy streets of Paris, or the old and gold bed and breakfast getaway that you read about in Nicholas Spark’s novels. The point is, calculate the budget that you can spend on this treat and choose location accordingly. If you do have a relaxed budget, then strawberry picking in the south of France seems like a dream came true.

When in doubt, you can always have the perfect romantic getaway at Lousiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast. WE ARE ROMANCE!

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Little Things Matter

You do not have to worry about it being fancy to impress your beloved. What really matters are the small things that you do out of true intent. You can prepare a special dinner for her, the very first dish that you two ate together. Or, if you have rented a luxury suite or even a glamping tent together, you two can cook the dinner together while humming and grooving on the slow music playing in the background. This just does not end here. You two can enjoy a relaxing drink at the fire pit together while laughing at your inside jokes and talking about what has brought you two so far together.

Things are Bound to go Wrong

It is inevitable that things will not go as you have planned, which is why you should only plan the location, fix a budget, and pack only what’s important. No need to worry about the rest. There is no right or wrong when there is love. Embrace each moment with open arms to keep amusement alive. Watch each other make new mistakes, laugh your hearts out and watch each other find new ways to handle things together.

Don’t know where to start?  Give Sandra a call and let her help you rekindle your love with a perfect romantic getaway at Louisiana Cajun Mansion!