Scenic Louisiana: Creole Nature Trail

Louisiana scenic attraction called the Creole Nature Trail – a 180-mile byway across the state. creole-nature-trail-waypoint- photo by jan-embry

The rich scenic beauty and boundless wildlife found along the Creole Nature Trail adventure brings joy to millions of visitors annually. As we breeze into springtime here in Acadiana, our thoughts turn to nature.

The imprint of Louisiana’s natural bounty is unmistakable: sweet fragrances of honeysuckle in bloom; gorgeous azalea blossoms lining the roadside; pear and pecan trees flowering; and the hum and buzz marking the awakening of our little insect friends.

It’s time to rejoice in the goodness of Cajun country!

Along the natural, yet distinctive corridor that passes through Louisiana’s Outback comes the “Last Great Wilderness” – one of America’s most beautiful nature trails. Visitors come to experience world-famous estuaries and wildlife habitats.

Going on the Creole Nature Trail is an all American road journey through quiet country backroads and rugged terrain, where the contrast of our modern cities gives way to undeniable wilds. Leave the city bustle behind, and suddenly it’s like observing a completely different life in the wilderness. What was once a place for colorful characters to find fortune is now a tourist site offering so many amazing sights, which many might have never experienced before so up-close.

The untamed wilderness of the Creole Nature Trail is what makes it interesting and the perfect place to create lifelong memories.

Here’s how to take full advantage of this nature trail:

Start With the Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point

Your first stop should be Lake Charles. This is one of the most unique destinations. It’s a large industrial port city, surrounded on three sides by rural prairie lands, and on the forth side by

cajun alligator burger sign

waterways. Hop on the Creole Nature Trail and enjoy displays of wildlife, as well as the culture of prairie Cajun people. The Adventure Point offers places for spotting alligators without getting too close and migrating songbirds. A quick drive east to Jennings offers a visit to the Gator House, where you can hold live baby alligators and learn about their management and preservation.

Proceed a little south and peer at the wildlife in marshes and bayous. Hungry after all the adventure? Taste the authentic Creole/Cajun cooking in one of the restaurants and enjoy an entertaining night playing alongside a Zydeco or Cajun band.

Creole Nature Trail All-American Road

Proceed further south and gaze at over 400 exotic bird species. Along this trail, you will find the scenic byways, which is one of the 43 or so in the US. Passing the Adventure Point, head to Hackberry, where you will experience yet another popular wildlife adventure – fishing!

Catch redfish and speckled trout in Calcasieu Lake. There are guides available who will be present with you on the boat to teach you how to fish and make sure you don’t go back empty-handed.

Sabine National Wildlife Refuge

The next stop is the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge that has the Wetland Walkway. If you are brave enough, walk the walk and see the natural habitat of birds, alligators and bayou animals. Did I mention alligators… yes, they are the main attraction of the Creole Nature Trail.

Holly Beach

Still heading south, you will now come across the recreation area, where you can catch crabs and interact with the wildlife. There’s Holly Beach and 5 other beaches where you can sunbath, swim, collect shells as souvenirs and even make camp. So, better recall all your best fire-side stories, because this is going to be one heck of a fun night.

The Peveto Woods Sanctuarywhite ibis flying over bayou scene

Like birds? The Peveto Woods Sanctuary is for bird watchers where you will see various species that migrate in spring and fall. There are even butterflies and neo-tropical songbirds.

Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge

Offering a 16,000 acre freshwater pool, this Refuge offers great opportunities for people who like to fish. Take your catch of the day and proceed to any of the coastal beach areas to enjoy a freshly cooked meal with your family.

Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge

The Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge is a fresh addition to the Trail. This Refuge has been decorated with animated figures that are completely life-like. Each figure has its information written on the side, which tells a story about the Creole Trail and its people. This refuge is great for children, as it sparks their imagination and allows them to further appreciate the beauty and history of the Trail.

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