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Top 10 Places to Eat Near Lafayette, Louisiana


Lafayette, Louisiana is the heart and soul of Cajun country!  One of the biggest staples of Cajun culture is the cuisine. Thankfully, Lafayette has an eclectic selection of eateries and hangouts. Varying from casual diners, fine dining eateries, and restaurants with an authentic Cajun atmosphere! Here are our current picks of the top 10 best…

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Cajun Rice and Gravy Recipe

About Rice and Gravy Cooking a delicious Cajun Rice and Gravy is a skill learned by generations of cooks passing their techniques down to their children.   There are lots of different Cajun Rice and Gravy recipes out there on the web. Most of them are obviously written by Non-Cajuns; and if you are a…

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How to Find the Best Louisiana Bed and Breakfast

If you really want to experience Louisiana, you have to soak in its local experiences. A Louisiana bed and breakfast is a nice change of pace compared to major chains of hotels and motels. Not only does it deliver a better overall value, it also helps you experience the ‘flavor’ of the local culture in a way…

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Cajun Dinner Sampler – A Piece of Heaven

This Cajun Dinner Sampler is definitely a piece of heaven right here on Earth.  If you are not lucky enough to live in Louisiana, therefore you may not get to enjoy these delicacies often.  This is one of the best options for dinner here at the mansion is this sampler. Cajun Dinner Sampler You will experience some of…

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Cajun Sampler Dinner

About Cajun Food The Cajun Sampler Dinner is the most popular among guests at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion primarily because most everyone traveling through are anxious to taste our succulent foods. Louisiana is home of the most precious cuisines in the world; even describing the food in a few short sentences can be difficult.  Cajuns prefer…

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Wine Room Romantic Dinner

A Wine Room Romantic Dinner is not something you find just anyplace; yet the Louisiana Cajun Mansion proudly serves a dinner you will never forget.   If you are looking for different “getaway” experience such as celebrating a birthday, anniversary, retirement, honeymoon or any important event in your life, you should check this out further.  The experience is…

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