Valentine’s Day Dinner 2021 at Cajun Mansion

Romantic couple at cajun mansion valentines day dinner event

Another romantic Valentine’s Day dinner event is on tap this year at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast and Event Venue.  For the past few years we’ve enjoyed some unforgettable soirees on February 14th. Our unmatched dining and atmosphere has created a buzz of anticipation for our VIP guests year after year! This year…

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Welcoming Chef Youngberg of Heather Mountain Catering

Chef Michelle Youngberg

Great news Acadiana! Our popular Romantic Dinners at the Mansion just leveled up! In response to overwhelming demand, we’re expanding our  romance dining experience and have secured a talented award-winning local chef to help put your romantic evening over the top. For several years, we’ve brought romance back into the lives of countless couples who…

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Perfect Winter Romantic Getaways in Louisiana

The perfect romantic winter getaway couple

The winter season is so romantic and magical, wouldn’t you agree? Chilly weather, warm fireplaces, quiet nights, and delicious treats are a few things that come to mind during this time. Here at the mansion, you have quite a few choices for nearby festivities.     One of the must see sights would have to…

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Reasons to Celebrate Your Anniversary at a Bed and Breakfast

romantic couple anniversary picnic

Anniversaries are a romantic and very special occasion for a couple and are celebrated with a spirit of intimacy and nostalgia. Oftentimes, couples like to surprise their loved one with a romantic and elegant destination so that they can create the best atmosphere to honor their special day. Considering this, nothing could be a more…

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May Dinner Winners Celebrate a Romantic Dinner for Two

Happy romantic dinner winner couple

At Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast, we’re all about the romance! So it’s truly a pleasure to share the news of the recent visit by our May 2018 Romantic Dinner Winner Allyson Taylor. Allyson and her husband enjoyed a romantic gourmet dinner on the house, served by our awesome friendly staff. So many happy…

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The Clueless Husbands Guide to Romantic Getaways

The island of clueless husbands

If romance is not your strong suit, check out our Clueless Husbands Guide to Romantic Getaways. So you have decided to take your significant other out on a romantic getaway but now what? Booking a flight or hotel is a piece of cake but how do you orchestrate a romantic time while away other than a candlelight…

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The Absolute Top 10 Reasons to Elope

The absolute top 10 reasons to elope at louisiana cajun mansion bed and breakfast

Wouldn’t it be cool if Maroon 5 arrived at your wedding and did that bit from “Sugar”? Or how about if Gordan Ramsay helicoptered in to personally supervise your wedding caterers?  Oh yes, sugar, that would be the event of a lifetime!  But for the rest of us, don’t you think that kind of hoopla…

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Rekindle Your Love: A Perfect Romantic Getaway

Rekindle your love wit a perfect romantic getaway

It is often said that love never dies. We’re here to tell you that romance is alive and well at Louisiana Cajun Mansion. Let’s talk about planning your perfect romantic getaway! However, amidst the busy life, daily chores, responsibilities and our natural quest to find our purpose and pursue our goals, it might get dusty…

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Planning Your Over-The-Top Tea Party or Bridal Shower

Girls celebrating their over-the-top tea party bridal shower

Planning a classic themed bridal shower? Why not consider an over-the-top glamorous bridal tea or even a bridal shower? Amidst all the wedding preparations, mayhem and festivities, a bridal shower can be the perfect way for the bride and her family members to let go for a while and take a moment to appreciate the…

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What To Know When Picking A Louisiana Wedding Venue

Bed and Breakfast Wedding Packages

Trying to pick the perfect Louisiana Wedding Venue? Oh yes we know the feeling. We’ve helped many couples with this, so relax and read on… Wedding planning is both stressful and exhilarating at the same time. On the one hand, this is your dream come true. On the other, it’s a logistics and planning nightmare. …

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