Tennessee Guest Eating Crawfish & Enjoying Cajun Life

From Tennessee, Ms Betty is eating crawfish & enjoying Cajun Life for the first time ever. Connecting with her immediately, she is easy to talk to and is so full of life.  Traveling with a friend, Ms Betty wanted to experience whatever she could in Cajun country in just two short days before she headed out to New Orleans.

She set no limitations on herself and wanted to soak it all in.  Because the Louisiana Cajun Mansion is centrally located and within 15 minutes of all tourist attractions, she planned to have a good time and didn’t miss anything.  She visited Eunice, Avery Island, Jefferson Island, Breaux Bridge and Lafayette (just to name a few)  in just two days and she didn’t miss a beat.

IMG_0576[1]Having a very busy day, she rested a bit when she arrived and was ready in no time for the Cajun Grilling Package on the patio.  Excited to hear she was eating Crawfish she put a huge smile on her face.  Well everyone in Cajun land knows, when you mix good conversations, laughter, Cajun Music and Cajun Food, those are the perfect ingredients to throw down a party.  It was the perfect time and Ms Betty was in the middle of her very first Cajun party.  And everything was centered around catering to Ms Betty for sure!

Eating Boiled Crawfish is always an event in Cajun land and everyone has their own special recipe for cooking this southern delicacy.  Most who visit the Mansion, have never tasted boiled Crawfish, much less ever peeled them.  Well, Inn Keeper, Sandra Booher has made it easy and a delight to eat for those who are not seasoned on the art of peeling crawfish.  She’s created a Crawfish BOWL which literally is a crawfish boil in a Martini Glass.

Ms Betty and her traveling companion ordered the usual Dinner Menu on Monday night and they enjoyed it on the patio:

Eating Crawfish – Get the Recipe for the Cajun Grilling Dinner on the Patio

  1.  Crawfish Bowl – Want to try boiled crawfish, but don’t want the hassle of pealing them?  No worries!  You get everything you would normally get when you order boiled crawfish, but you get a smaller appetizer size portion of pealed succulent boiled crawfish plus all the trimmings.  Learn more about the Crawfish Bowl.
  2. Shrimp Gumbo  or Chicken & Sausage Gumbo – Here in Cajun Country, you can’t go without having gumbo on a regular basis.
  3. Cajun Sweet n Spicy Coleslaw – Cajun spices and seasonings, combined with finely chopped coleslaw, cauliflower, mayo and sugar.
  4. Pork Fingers, Chicken or Fish – No matter what the main entree is, rest assured the dish is always awesome.  Each entree is marinaded in a special home made marinade sauce before cooking.
  5. Jambalaya – A staple in Cajun land.
  6. Vegetable in Season
  7. Dessert – The best Bread Pudding and Rum Sauce you’ll ever put in your mouth.

Other Pictures of Ms Betty on The Patio Enjoying Cajun Life:


Eating Crawfish


Eating Crawfish