The Absolute Top 10 Reasons to Elope

Wouldn’t it be cool if Maroon 5 arrived at your wedding and did that bit from “Sugar”? Or how about if Gordan Ramsay helicoptered in to personally supervise your wedding caterers?  Oh yes, sugar, that would be the event of a lifetime!  But for the rest of us, don’t you think that kind of hoopla for a wedding seems a bit too much?

Sure, your wedding is your BIG DAY, but a lot of clients and guests tell us that sometimes it’s just all TOO MUCH! Big expensive wedding - couple on steps

Of course, there is another way. Can you guess what I’m talking about?

How does this sound?

A quick visit to Louisiana Cajun Mansion, a ring, a bouquet, a Minister or Justice of the Peace, and some Maroon 5 (or maybe Elvis) playing softly in the background… Elegant. Affordable. Romantic. Stress-free. Perfect!

Why not elope? Sound appealing? No need to fly off to Vegas. The Mansion is an excellent spot for getting married in Louisiana, and eloping does have a certain ring to it. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist!)

Forget selecting and ordering hundreds of invitation cards, financing that over-extravagant one-time dress, the lingering hug with that one creepy family member you absolutely hate, the nauseating stress of worrying that the catered food will taste like gym socks, those awkward wedding gifts you have to return, and so on.

Eloping does sound appealing now right?

Here are the top ten reasons why we think that eloping is sometimes the very best option:

1.     Cost

An average wedding in the US costs around $30,000, whereas a visit to the City Hall might cost you $100 to tie the knot. Of course, that’s not very romantic or memorable. We prepared the perfect solution. Just select one of our affordably elegant elopement packages. You get the best of both worlds: A breathtakingly romantic ceremony, cake, flowers, photographs and more.  And all of this for less than the average cost of flower arrangments at a big wedding. Think about it for a minute… you can save this money and actually use it for something important such as the down payment for your new house or to buy new furniture.

2.     Big Weddings are Nothing but Stressful

Boy, and how! Stress is not only a buzzkill, it’s a romance killer too. You say you and your love have never had an argument? Start planning a big wedding, and prepare to break new ground on that front. Worrying about all those details that we just mentioned will take a toll on you. You won’t be able to get a single minute of shut-eye the day before your wedding and the stress peaks when the Bridezilla or Monster-in-law makes an appearance.

3.     To Hell with Others Opinions

It’s your wedding day but everybody is going to have an opinion. This is the one thing that will probably force you to blow your top. So, skip all that drama and focus on the love your partner has to offer.

4.     Free of the Crazy Relatives

Worried about your Aunt Jenny, who likes to throw back one too many and then humiliate you with talk about your high school days. Things can get a little awkward. Weddings have broken over these embarrassing moments, seconds before the couple says “I Do”.

5.     Destination Wedding

Why spend all that hard earned money on people who are just at your wedding for the food? Better to spend it on yourself and your partner. Plus, you get to visit a new place and enjoy your honeymoon somewhere exotic. Folks who elope to get married at the Mansion, often spend one or two night here to combine the event and the honeymoon into one super special memory.

6.     You Are Not a Planner

Can’t even plan a party? Then there’s the “I simply don’t want to”. Don’t even think about a wedding planner because sometimes they just add to the stress and expense. See item #1…

7.     That One Family Member Who Does Not Like Your Husband or Wife

Don’t worry, everyone has one! Sometimes it’s about the way he walks or the way she eats. Stick a sock in it Aunt Jenna! Your opinion is not needed.

8.     No Wedding ReceptionHappy married couple heart sign pose

Again… why waste money on people when you won’t ever be seeing them again? After the wedding, grab your family and best friend, and head to a local eatery. Trust us, people have done this and enjoyed it immensely. We can also provide catered food in a package to take the guesswork out of having an intimate micro-reception.

9.     No Bridesmaids / Best Man War

The most crucial decision in the wedding does not need to be taken because well, it’s just you and your partner! Friendships have broken over this, so better elope!

10.   You Can Wear Whatever You Want!

Remember that movie “Maid of Honor”, the one with Patrick Dempsey in it? The bride’s dress was ruined by that god awful piece of traditional wrap, which the groom’s mother insisted that she wear. If you want to rock your wedding in bedazzled jeans and long sleeves top, then you do your thing girl!

Does eloping sound peaceful to you now?

Contact the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast to experience a stress-free, affordable, romantic, and perfect elopement with your true love. You’ll thanks us for it later. Countless people have!