The Clueless Husbands Guide to Romantic Getaways

If romance is not your strong suit, check out our Clueless Husbands Guide to Romantic Getaways.

So you have decided to take your significant other out on a romantic getaway but now what? Booking a flight or hotel is a piece of cake but how do you orchestrate a romantic time while away other than a candlelight dinner and long walks on the beach?  Clueless Husbands Guide to Romantic Getaways

As guys, you know it’s quite simple to please you but for ladies, it takes a little bit of an effort to show how much you love and care about them. Sure, you might be a little clueless when it comes to designing a romantic experience, but never fear.

A romantic getaway is something that strengthens your relationship further as both of you need some time away from the busy and hectic lives. It puts things into perspective and gives you plenty of time to focus on yourselves.

Here are some essential tips on how you can make your romantic getaway one heck of a trip that both of you will never forget:

Create an element of surprise

Start off with surprising your wife right off the bat. Don’t let her know anything about where you are headed, or at least keep as much of it under wraps as you can. Just come home and tell her to pack her bags for the weekend because you guys are going to be spending some together for the next couple of days. If she has work and spontaneous announcements of traveling can sabotage her work then inform a few days prior but don’t mention the place.

Go somewhere new

It is easy to go to a place that you are familiar with but it’s even better to go to a new place because the excitement just fuels up all those feelings of discovery. And discovery is the most exciting part of romance. Both of you will discover it together and have something to talk about.

Being someplace for the first time rekindles your passion and the excitement of making love in a new or different place also becomes all the more exciting. Visiting a new place puts both of you a little on edge because you don’t know where to go, what to eat and end up looking around and discovering new things.

Make love in the morning or at any spontaneous time

You are away from work; you don’t have to wake up in a rush just to get to your daily grind of 9-5. Most couples get intimate at night, which is normal as it is rather a more private time for everyone. But switch things up a bit by getting all passionate in the morning or any time during the day when she least expects it.

This would add that much-needed spice in your relationship and give spontaneity a front seat. Sex in the morning sets the pace and mood for the entire day. You feel relaxed, energetic and ready for any adventure. You can even stay in the room all day, watch romantic movies, listen to music and just see the view from your room by whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Talk about yourselves and nothing else

Skip the work; talk and just focus on yourselves. Don’t bring up topics that you guys have argued or fought before previously so that your time together isn’t spoiled. Don’t talk too much about how things have changed in the relationship or what you want more out of it.

This isn’t a couple’s therapy session it’s just a romantic holiday where you both need to chill out and have fun together.

Don’t work during your getaway

A huge turn off for either person would be to have to answer calls from work or typing emails. You didn’t plan your time away to do work and this isn’t a business trip either.

Eat delicious food

Tantalize your taste buds by eating delicious food. You can either order room service or head out to enjoy a meal at one of the best restaurants in town. Try to order something new just to add in more of the spontaneity and excitement.

You can also incorporate some food in your intimate time as well such as chocolates, strawberries and whipped cream etc.

Avoid crowded places and look for hidden gems

Crowded places are infested with tourists or locals that can sabotage your romantic time with each other. You can’t hear or talk to each other and the atmosphere is just so claustrophobic as well that you can’t help but long to get some space.

Unfortunately, famous romantic places that are shown in pictures look so romantic and peaceful but in reality, they are often really crowded. Take the example of the Eiffel Tower, it is considered one of the most popular symbols of love, but if you go any day, it is full of people noisy and pushy tourists taking pictures.

Opt for cozy and undiscovered places instead. It will be less clichéd and you will have more fun looking around.

Don’t let the silence be uncomfortable

Just let things flow naturally without worrying about entertaining each other. Sometimes a quiet walk someplace is all you need to gather your thoughts together or get energized. If a couple is not queasy during silences then it is definitely a good sign.

Chill out! Be cold

Not with each other of course. Going to cold climates or even just cranking down the temperature in ypour room might seem like the opposite of a romantic getaway. People normally picture sipping pina coladas on a beach and bathing in the sun, but colder temperature places are a sneaky way to get all warm and cozy with each other.

Sitting near a fireplace, hugging one another or chillaxing in a Jacuzzi bathtub together can be one heck of a romantic time.

Hotel? No. Bed and Breakfast? YES!

Although the (cave)man in you might thrill at the idea of a whirlwind, 3-day tour of 16 cities with lots of driving adventures and hotel sex in the flicker of late night TV, you should really nip those thoughts in the bud!

Romance is also about tension and languid pacing. Expectation and fulfillment. There should be nothing rushed or hurried in your game, because your prey already loves you. Release the urgency and just enjoy each other. Hotels are definitely out. Book your overnighters at quality bed and breakfasts along the way.

Flowers, chocolates, massages

Don’t forget to arrange little extras to decorate your bedroom with some fresh flowers, rose petals on the bed and perhaps a tray of chocolates. Folks who stay at the mansion often enhance their romantic experience with the mood-stimulating touches. And speaking of touches, if your B&B offers couples massages, by all means, take advantage. Massages are therapeutic, relaxing, and extremely romantic.

Live music

Nothing stirs the soul more than good music. If possible, catch (or hire) a live music session such as a violinist or pianist. The right music and mood will make her appreciate your thoughtful effort and help her fall for you all over again. Alternately, you guys can go to a club or concert and dance away to live music.

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