The Crawfish Bowl Recipe

Crawfish Bowl

Crawfish Bowl – Cajun Grilling Package on the patio

Most everyone who comes to Louisiana wants to experience eating Crawfish because everyone associates Cajun country with crawfish.  Although crawfish can be prepared many different ways such as crawfish pie, crawfish etoufee, fried crawfish, etc, the number one way to eat crawfish is boiled.  Boiling crawfish is uniquely done using specific Cajun seasonings and each person has their own recipe.  The challenge that people face when they are not from around here, is they don’t know how to peel the crawfish.  It usually takes them a long time; thus they get frustrated, quit and often times they order something else on the menu.

I wanted to give my guests at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion a pleasurable experience when eating boiled crawfish.  Boiling crawfish is a Cajun tradition, an event and social gathering not to be rushed, but to be enjoyed with family and friends!

I decided to create a CRAWFISH BOWL instead of a Crawfish Boil.  My idea came when I was planning  the menu of the Cajun Grilling Dinner on the Patio.   Then BAM!  I decided to add an appetizer in a Martini Glass which includes everything that you would normally experience when eating boiled crawfish.  The only exception is the crawfish are all pealed and ready to eat!  What an awesome concept!

A crawfish boil normally includes boiled crawfish, potatoes, boiled corn, smoked sausage and Dipping Sauce.  Most people down south in Cajun land make their own Dipping Sauce or you can purchase pre-made sauce.  Cooking a Crawfish Boil is always fun and competitive among friends and family.

What’s in the Crawfish Bowl?

  1. Boiled Crawfish – Boiled with special seasonings with our own special recipe
  2. Boiled Corn
  3. Boiled Potatoes
  4. Boiled Sausage
  5. Dipping Sauce