The Mallets Eating the Cajun Grilling Dinner on the Patio

It’s a special weekend for the Mallets and their spouses.  Family and friends will be attending Barbara and Tom’s “Las Vegas Night in Louisiana” retirement party at the Louisiana Cajun Mansion on Saturday night.  But tonight (Friday)  is all about family and spending quality time together.  The Mallets and their partners are from all over the US and they really enjoyed themselves tonight.  With nice music playing in the background, sippin on their favorite drinks, paired good quality conversations and lots of love..  it was the perfect recipe to do what Cajuns do…  “We Pass a Good Time, Sha!”.

Some of the Mallet family had never eaten some of the Cajun foods that was prepared tonight on the patio and it was fun to share stories about the foods and our Cajun culture.  They ordered the  Cajun Grilling Dinner on the Patio;  rest assured everyone walked away satisfied and with smiles on their faces.

IMG_0427[1]People from all over the world gather around the large granite island on the patio and do what Cajun do; we have a good time with friends and family.  Sandra, Inn Keeper, not only tells people about the Cajun culture, she also shows them what it’s like living in Cajun land.  It usually starts out with cooking, music is added to the mix, then you add people and BAM! a party is created.  Most of the time, there’s no planning involved, and many times people bring other people.  Many relationships and friends have been built around our large granite island.

It’s not uncommon when single couple orders the Cajun Grilling Package, the other guest follow and either order a dinner or before you know it, all guests are sitting around the island! We had 8 people sitting around the island tonight all having an awesome time.

Several people had never eaten Cajun coleslaw or any of the other dishes on the menu.  It was great watching them feed off of each other as they described the tastes.  Everyone was excited that they had the opportunity to visit with each other and enjoy such great Cajun delicacy and stories.

The Cajun Grilling Dinner Menu

  1.  Crawfish Bowl – Want to try boiled crawfish, but don’t want the hassle of pealing them?  No worries!  You get everything you would normally get when you order boiled crawfish, but you get a smaller appetizer size portion of pealed succulent boiled crawfish plus all the trimmings.  Learn more about the Crawfish Bowl.
  2. Shrimp Gumbo  or Chicken & Sausage Gumbo – Here in Cajun Country, you can’t go without having gumbo on a regular basis.
  3. Cajun Sweet n Spicy Coleslaw – Cajun spices and seasonings, combined with finely chopped coleslaw, cauliflower, mayo and sugar.
  4. Pork Fingers, Chicken or Fish – No matter what the main entree is, rest assured the dish is always awesome.  Each entree is marinaded in a special home made marinade sauce before cooking.
  5. Jambalaya – A staple in Cajun land.
  6. Vegetable in Season
  7. Dessert – The best Bread Pudding and Rum Sauce you’ll ever put in your mouth.

More Pictures of the Mallets

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