Three Day Getaway

Sneaking Away For A Three Day Getaway

Three Day Getaway

Considering sneaking away for a Three Day Getaway?  Become part of the hot new trend in mini vacations for couples.  Why just leave town for two days, when you can plan to take a Friday or Monday off?   This way, you feel like you are sneaking away from the office and being naughty!


Sneaking Away For A Three Day Getaway Benefits

First of all, the benefits of a Three Day Getaway are so numerous.   You will want to run right out and book your trip with us today.  Immediately, the anticipation of a trip can lift your mood and outlook.  Planning to get away with your loved one in the midst of a busy life invigorates your romance.   And your health improves with less stress and the ability to just relax.  Consequently, the thought of not making the bed, cooking dinner, or laundry can be a boost.  But the best thing may be the thought of leaving your work laptop at the office!


Three Day Getaway Adventures

So what do you do when you stay with us for three whole days?  Seems like the options here at Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast are limitless.  Take a Cajun Day Trip to one of the four locales we offer.  And feel free to sneak away to Breaux Bridge, LA. for some crawfish.   Rather head out to Avery Island, LA. to see how Tabasco is made.  (And take a bottle home with you too.)  And, jump in our limo sprinter and be driven around Lafayette, sipping the best wines available, without having to drive yourself.  Is staying put is your idea of a good time?   Rather take advantage of our couple massages, romantic seven course meals, and our beautiful patio area for you to relax in and enjoy.

As a result, you will forget about the daily duties when you escape to the mansion where romance is on the menu and the living is easy.  Like we say in the South, Les Bons Temps Rouler!  (Let The Good Times Roll)