Visit One of the Most Romantic Places in Louisiana

The world has long held a deep fascination with the charm and romance of the deep south. Our natural scenic beauty, abundant vistas, and warm sultry nights await the adventurous gulf coast traveler.

Louisiana is among the most beautiful and visited travel destinations in the United States. We’re very proud that the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed and Breakfast is at the top of every list of most romantic places in Louisiana.

Our guests consistently give the mansion five-star reviews for beauty, cleanliness, dining, amenities, and hospitality.  Romance however, is one of those intangible factors that aren’t scored in reviews, but the Mansion is dedicated to providing it anyway. Our staff knows that the beautifully appointed rooms, exquisite gourmet Cajun food, elegant wine pairings, and seductive nights out on the patio merely set the stage for your romantic getaway.

The rest, as they say; is up to you.

Romance and Elegance Come together at Louisiana Cajun Mansion Special Events

Folks come from all over the world to visit the mansion. They tell us how much they love the relaxing environment and friendly staff. We also host elegant weddings, parties, bridal dinners, and other romantic events that fill the air with joy and laughter. For example:

An “Over the Top” Bridal Tea

Sandy Kilgore with Special S Events recently hosted an OVER THE TOP Bridal Tea & Brunch for 25 ladies!

Sandy specializes in brewing her own teas from The Steep House and everything is served and prepared with perfection. She brewed and served Nirvana and Bliss tea in real tea pots and in stunning tea china. Let Sandy tell you how tea should be served, presented and drank! It’s quite a story and enjoyed by all.

There’s nothing like fresh flowers and Sandy knocks it out of the park with her unique and creative ways of adding them to all her tables.

Top 25 Romantic Getaways Magazine Article Featured the Mansion

We get tons of press and magazine layouts and photographers really love to do shoots at the Mansion. The romantic atmosphere, makes the perfect backdrop for wedding pictures, graduation photos, publicity spreads, and even casual selfies on the lanai.

Spending a 2- or 3-day romantic getaway at the Mansion with your partner is the perfect setting to rekindle your love and passion. You’ll experience world class treatment, romantic dinners, optional professional couples massage, and all the privacy you could ask for in your personal suite — including in-suite coffee/beverage service, your own complete luxury bath area, and a professional staff who knows when to be there and when to be invisible.

Romantic Events at the Mansion: So Much Romance – So Little Time

We revel in the joy we see on the faces of our guests as they not only enjoy each other, but also the superior white-glove treatment from our staff.

We invite you to experience the romance and magic at one of the most romantic places in Louisiana – the Louisiana Cajun Mansion Bed & Breakfast.